Best Beachside Cities in Florida

By: Ben Holdt

Spending a few days at the beach is a great way to get away from the daily stresses of life and relax. With over 8,000 miles of coastline, Florida is second to just Alaska for the amount of land they have touching, sparkling ocean waters. However, the Sunshine State has the upper hand on being near the warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico. While there may be a lot of towns and cities dotting the Florida coast, there are only a few that indeed offer the best quality of life. Check out the best beachside cities in Florida for your next beach getaway.

Panama City Beach

Panama City Beach Rentals

Panama City Beach Skyline

With 27 miles of white sandy beaches, Panama City Beach is widely known for its ability to ease away any stress that you brought with you on your vacation. This famous town offers waterfront restaurants as well as plenty of scuba activities thanks to its nearby artificial reefs. Families will enjoy the many water parks in town as well as two state parks that offer an up close and personal look at nature. There are plenty of nearby amusements to fill a vacation at the beach when the sand castle building is all done.

Cocoa Beach

Cocoa Beach House Rentals

Cocoa Beach House Rentals

This popular surfing destination is just south of Cape Canaveral along the Atlantic Ocean. Cocoa Beach is known for the waves that descend upon its shores at the end of the hurricane season that offers a great opportunity for avid surfers. Check out local events to book a vacation with plenty of action out on the water as you soak up the sun from the beach. You’ll also find many things to explore in the area including tours of the Kennedy Space Center, the Dinosaur Store, and many fishing charters.


Destin Florida Vacation Rental homes

Destin Sandy Beaches

Located in Northwest Florida, Destin features plenty of sugar white beaches and sunshine. As a popular destination point for many Midwesterners, the area is well known for its wide range of fishing activities as well as shopping opportunities. You’ll find excellent fishing charters as well as plenty of events year-round to make your vacation unique. Local restaurants feature fresh seafood from the gulf, and you’ll also find plenty of golf courses in the area as well.

Palm Beach

This widely known beach is as far East as you can get on the Florida coastline. Palm Beach features beautiful palm trees along white sandy beaches and plenty of luxury. The beach sits on a 16-mile-long island that is just 0.5 miles wide with plenty of beach area all around. Many wealthy families choose this area for winter homes which have created a luxury experience in town. You’ll find the most excellent restaurants and upscale shops when you’re not enjoying the beautiful beach.

Fort Walton Beach

Fort Walton Beach House Rentals on the beach

Fort Walton Beach

The beautiful emerald waters along Fort Walton Beach are enough to attract plenty of visitors each year. Located between Pensacola and Panama City, the beach is in an excellent location for visitors to get to from other parts of the country. Fort Walton Beach has powdery white beaches and offers plenty for the family to do once a day at the beach is done. You’ll find golf courses, aquariums, and many other attractions that help make this destination a vacation to remember.

There are plenty of places to choose from when looking for a great vacation on the beach in Florida. White sandy beaches mixed with enough great food and nightlife to keep you busy after a long day on the beach is standard for many of these hot spots. Consider any one of the best beachside cities in Florida for your next vacation to the Sunshine State.

Ben Holt is a fresh air enthusiast and loves writing about it. Ben is always looking to make the most of a summer day, whether he is relaxing in his garden, hiking on an off-beaten trail or entertaining friends on his newly renovated patio.

5 of the Best Beachside Cities in California

5 of the Best Beachside Cities in California
By: James Witts

Every beachside area will have the same key ingredients: sun, sand, and water. It’s no wonder residents in SoCal move from city to city within California to experience these beachside towns. It is the charm of the local town or city that makes a beach trip great? Check out these best beachside cities in California for your next beach getaway.

1. Santa Cruz
Located off of Highway 1 in Northern California, Santa Cruz offers a laid back and retro environment. Step back decades as you stroll down the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk and peruse the many vintage shops that line the way. You’ll see a historic carousel as well as plenty of good old fashioned family fun with coasters and arcade games. Santa Cruz is one of the best beachside cities due to its proximity to other forms of nature. You’ll be able to catch a glimpse of whales from the ocean as well as tour nature at Big Basin Redwoods State Park. Wineries also dot the countryside near Santa Cruz offering their other version of perfection by the bottle. Rent a beachhouse in Santa Cruz here.

2. Carmel
Officially known as Carmel-by-the-Sea, this quaint little town sites on the south side of the Monterey Peninsula south of San Jose. It’s tucked in location offers a quiet and relaxing beach getaway. You’ll enjoy time on the white sandy beaches as well as the windy conditions of the Point Lobos State Reserve. The Mission Trail Nature Preserve is also located nearby with many trails to explore. The town of Carmel itself offers a more mature beach trip with streets full of galleries and fine dining establishments. Rent a beach house in Carmel here.

3. Malibu
There is a reason why this beach is so famous for both residents and visitors. Malibu is a beautiful beach that stretches out for more than 30 miles making this an excellent option for those wanting to take a long run along the water. Malibu is the prime spot for surfing and is well known as one of the significant places that celebrities and athletes call home. The ocean waves are well suited for both beginner and advanced surfers making this a great spot to learn more about the sport as well as see professional surfers in action. You’ll also find amazing fresh seafood dishes at the many restaurants that are located on the pier or right off the beach as well. Rent a beach house in Malibu here.

4. Catalina Island
If you’re a California resident looking for a vacation that is easy to get to but feels a million miles away, Catalina Island is the place for you. This island located just 22 miles off the coast of California feels like an entirely different world with its peaceful community and magnificent sunsets. There isn’t even a traffic light on the entire island making this a common getaway destination for many residents who spend hours a day sitting in traffic. Catalina Island boasts beautiful beaches as well as a casual atmosphere that is sure to put you on island time.

5. Venice Beach
Known for its eclectic style, Venice Beach is a favorite spot for those looking for some far-out beach time. You’ll find piazzas and canals much like its Italian counterpart as well as quaint little shops that line the boardwalk. Venice Beach is a great spot to be entertained by street performers as well as spend an afternoon watching all of the diverse people stroll by. Chic boutiques and food trucks are favorite stops for both residents and tourists alike as well.

California is full of great little beachside towns and cities that create the perfect backdrop to a beach getaway. From the laid-back atmosphere of Santa Cruz and Venice Beach to the surf-loving area of Malibu, to the peaceful getaways of Carmel and Catalina Island, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from for your next beach vacation. Consider all of these best beachside cities in California for your next trip.

James Witts is an eco-conscious home improvement writer. He is constantly trying to find new ways to live off the grid while living in a tiny home with his wife, Andie. in the News! Named one of the best “Blogs that Offer First Class Travel Advice)

globe-medium34 Blogs that Offer First Class Travel Advice

Updated Jan. 21 2018, Originally Posted May 31st, 2010
by Tucker Lima

Everyone loves to travel, but there are always frustrating times while traveling, especially with many of the modern day restrictions and screenings involved while just trying to board an airplane. People are willing to deal with that though because they know it is for safety reasons and once you do arrive at your vacation destination you quickly forget about the small hassles that annoyed you on the way. Here are 34 blogs that offer excellent travel advice that can help make your trip a bit easier, and some may even help you find a new vacation spot for your next trip.

  1. Peter Greenberg’s Travel Detective Blog – Travel news and tips from Peter Greenberg with great tips, advice, and all kinds of other travel news and notes.
  2. Euro Cheapo – Budget travel tips and advice, why not save some money on your next vacation.
  3. An American Stranger – Excellent travel blog, the quote in the site description is a great one as well – “A wise traveler never despises his own country.” – Carlo Goldoni
  4. Art of Backpacking – Another top notch niche travel blog, if you are into backpacking then this blog is a must read.
  5. Escape Artists – Postcards from the edge. Blogging since 2010
  6. Abandon the Cube – Abandon the Cube has travel photos, guides, tips, adventures, and experiences about the histories and cultures of the places they’ve been.
  7. Uncommon Travel – Also a blogger for Lonely Planet, Gail Walter runs a first class blog about travel here. The writing is outstanding and her descriptions make you feel as if you’ve been to the places she’s writing about.
  8. Miss Travel Girl – Miss Travel Girl is the blog of Rachel, she suffers from a syndrome that causes slow progression of blindness and deafness. She is travelling the world to appreciate as much as can while she still has usable vision.
  9. Contemporary Nomad – Modern day nomads who travel the world and share their experiences and tips by blogging about their adventures.
  10. A Travelers Library – All kinds of great travel related information and tips.
  11. A Luxury Travel Blog – This blog is updated daily with posts covering travel destinations, tours, hotels, restaurants, bars, guidebooks and much more.
  12. Gadling – A travel blog loaded with travel news, tips, advice, deals, stories and much more.
  13. The Vacation Gals – Expert advice on family travel, girl getaways, and romantic escapes.
  14. Beachhouse Blog – Some excellent travel tips, deals, and advice on this blog. Well worth reading and subscribing to, just like the rest of this list.
  15. The Planet D – A blog by a traveling Canadian couple with some awesome posts that include amazing photos, vides, advice, and much more.
  16. As We Travel – Awesome travel advice and stories that cover amazing destinations world wide.
  17. RV Travel – News, information, and advice for RV travelers.
  18. Ciao Bambino – Kid friendly travel tips, advice, and info so you can always have the best family vacation possible.
  19. Nile Guide – A round up the best travel advice received from the noteworthy travel writers and bloggers in our 5 interview series.
  20. The Practical Nomad – A travel blog by author, journalist, blogger, consumer advocate, and travel expert Edward Hasbrouck with all kinds of A+ tips and advice.
  21. Nomadic Matt – A travel site designed to keep people motivated to travel and contains travel information, travel tips, travel advice, travel news, personal stories, and photographs.
  22. Mighty Goods / Nomadic Life - MightyGoods aims to share stories and knowledge from the most interesting and experienced people from all over the world. We talk with adventurers, nomads, athletes and other people who live life to the beat of their own drum.
  23. Online Travel Review – Online Travel Review has been publishing airline industry news and commentary since 2003.
  24. Chris Around the World – The former travel editor of USA Today has a unique perspective on travel – first as the editor of one of the best travel sections in the country, and now as a traveling blogger.
  25. The Cheapest Destinations Blog – A blog on the world’s cheapest places to travel, with advice on budgets, savings strategies, travel deals, and cheap destinations.
  26. Journey Etc. – An interesting and fun blog covering different areas of travel as well as offering advice and tips for all travelers.
  27. 2 Guys Around the World – One of the top travel blogs on the web full of real world travel stories by 2 friends..
  28. Delicious Baby – Another excellent blog about traveling with kids and how to have fun traveling with the kids.
  29. Budget Globetrotting – This blog is a great source of information for international travel and backpacking on a budget.
  30. On the Road Travel Blog – On The Road Travel is an online resource for independent travelers in South and Central America. This blog provides updates on current events and topics related to Latin America.
  31. Passport Chop – An online Blog/Journal of travel experiences around the world.
  32. Ms. Traveling Pants – Personal travel stories and insights from a classy and sassy world traveler, known on the web as Ms. Traveling Pants.
  33. Green Travel Blog – Eco friendly travel tips and advice for those of you that live a green lifestyle.
  34. The Travelers Zone – The Travelers Zone has information which will turn your vacation into wonderful travel experience. Get the latest travel info on vacation planning, budget travel, and family vacations.

Thanks to the guys over at Travel Insurance for including us in your list!

Top 5 Beaches Where You Can Bare it All

2916787894_cc7c44f5e4Banana Beach, Greece - What would you expect from the aptly named Banana Beach, but lots of – er – bananas?  Well get your mind out of the gutter, because this beach is actually a trio of beaches located on the small Greek Islandof Skiathos, whose name came from the yellow-hued sand and the curved shape of their coastline.  The three beaches that make up Banana Beach are Little Banana (also called Sparticus), Big Banana and a small beach separated from Big Banana by a rocky outcrop.  And while one may have assumed that bigger would mean better (especially in this situation) Little Banana is actually the most popular of the three.  Durring the peak winter months, clothed onlookers tend to swarm the other two beaches while leaving Little Banana to itself.  As if there wasn’t already enough to look at, all three beaches have tremendous views of the tree covered foothills that surround the beaches behind you and the crystal clear Aegean Sea in front of you.

5111987645_5d03bd3665Baker Beach, San Francisco, CA – In the city that is known for its liberal lean, Baker Beach is right at home in San Francisco.  Baker Beach is blanketed in clean, fine white sand – not too dusty, not too pebbly – clear sapphire water, and maybe the most dramatic views of any beach you will come across.  Satisfy your inner vouyer, and we’re not just talking about the old men bits and pieces you are sure to see… as you walk the beach you will also catch a glimpse of some of California’s prime real estate – and have a chance to take in the same views that those homeowners enjoy – the cliff houses look out over the bay and the famous Golden Gate Bridge.  Parking is a breeze, free, and just a short walk from the beach, or you can opt to take public transportation, which dropps you off very close by.  Visit in September or October as the summer months tend to be covered with San Francisco’s notorious fog bank.

4910303358_101ac07014Valalta (Rovinj), Croatia – As far as nude beaches go, Valalta is perhaps the Mecca – the destination where all nude sunbathers and naturists feel drawn to and hope to journey to at least one time in their life.  This resort (yes, it is a planned resort, different from some of the naturally occuring beaches that have been gradually morphed into a nude beach over time) is huge, with the beach alone streatching over 3 miles.  Visitors can stay in a variety of accommodation – Valalta offers everything from fully-equipped apartments and bungalows to luxury mobile homes and glorified tents…all with electricity and running water though.  There is also a sports harbor, a number of restaurants, beer that has been brewed in their own brewery, souvenir shop, kids club, and a host of day and overnight excursions.  And if you prefer to get your bare-bronze on in relative seclusion rather than with the rest of the resort, there is a beach that is not an official part of the Valalta Resort that is usually much less crowded.

2773305082_27c5f70fb2Little Beach, Maui, Hawaii – If you like to live on the edge (which you must if your’re reading this post in the first place), Little Beach may be perfect for you.  Although nude sunbathing is technically illegal at the secluded Little Beach – and the rest of Hawaii – it’s referred to as Maui’s “unofficial clothing-optional beach” since the law has not been enforced here for a number of years.  It’s also somewhat of a local’s hot-spot…while the vast majority of beach-goers opt to sunbathe au natural, there are those who wear clothes (mostly tourists).  So if a little thing like illegality doesn’t rock your boat, grab your sandals and towel and make the trek to Maui’s Southern coast, and you will find Little Beach located just North of Big Beach.  Tucked behind rocks and high shrubs, and guarded by a narrow entry, Little Beach is picturesque Hawaii – white sand contrasted by bright blue/turquoise water.

5651319954_6a3b1c6a39Wreck Beach, Vancouver, British Columbia -

Named for a hulking, wrecked vessel that once sat on the sand, Wreck Beach is the shore of choice for Vancouver students. Just several hundred steps below the University of British Columbia, the 3-mile-long beach is a wildlife and nesting area for both bald eagles and bald bodies. Other sections of the beach assume a more carnival-like atmosphere. One stretch on the beach known as Vendors’ Row is a 1-stop shop for souvenirs, refreshments and the ever-important sunscreen.

Organizations We Love – Vacation Homes for Charity


We love finding great companies and organizations to blog about.  And even better when the company or organization incorporates a great cause and the travel or vacation rental industry!  We just came across Vacation Homes for Charity, a great organization that partners vacation rental homeowners with charities in need.

From their Website:

dogoodfrontpreview-300x218“There are 1000′s of charities in dire need of live auction items.  Our goal is to make the process of donating time at a vacation home to a charity easy and efficient for all parties.

In the fall of 2008, we at The Society opened up our platform to help charities source vacation homes for their auctions and other fund raising events. We tested this new service in the fall all parties including homeowners, property managers, real estate brokers, and charities were delighted.

We created to highlight upcoming events, success stories and news regarding this new service.  For 2009 we have some audacious goals: we are going to giveaway over 1000 nights to charities! It’s time to go big and the charities need our help.”

If you own a vacation home or know someone with a vacation home, you can CONTACT them or REGISTER today!

Before you donate your rental property, be sure that you’re up on the latest tax regulations in regards to what you can and can’t write off.  For information on the tax benefits, you can check out this ARTICLE.’s BEST VACATION EVER Photo Contest

best vacation ever

Submit a photo from your BEST VACATION EVER to Vacation Rental’s Facebook page for a chance to win a great prize and be featured in an upcoming blog post!

The photo can be of anything – your pet, your kids, a beautiful view, whatever you feel best depicts your BEST VACATION EVER!   Please include a few words about where the photo was taken, who is in it, etc.

The contest ends Friday, March 12, 2010, when staff will vote for the best overall photo.  The winner will receive a prize from, plus, their picture will be featured in an upcoming blog post.

We can’t wait to see what you guys send in!  Good Luck!

5 luxurious ways to get to your next Vacation Destination

If you’re like me, when you go on vacation, getting there is a big part of the fun. Whether you go by plane, train, or automobile, traveling can sometimes become stressful completely ruining the whole vacation experience. If you have the extra cash, there are ways to travel that are both luxurious and stress free. Here are 5 that could end up being more of a “vacation” than the destination itself:

Suite, Royal Canadian Pacific from Luxury Train Club

Suite, Royal Canadian Pacific from Luxury Train Club

Luxury Train
While the NYC MTA system isn’t exactly the lap of luxury, there are some terrific train rides that will simply blow you away. It’s still one of the more popular ways to travel around Europe, and the Japanese bullet trains are more than just luxurious, they’re downright fun.

Luxury train tours combine luxury style travel (including 5 star accommodations) with the breathtaking views of the countryside. Sure it’s a slow way to get where you’re going (unless you opt for a bullet train) but if you’re looking to relax and enjoy the trip as well as the destination, this could be the perfect option.

Perfect for: Europe, the US West Coast/Rockies, and Japan.

Galapagos Odyssey luxury yacht cruising in the Galapagos Islands, wildlife cruises and nature tours in one of the most unique wilderness sanctuaries on the planet.

Galapagos Odyssey luxury yacht cruising in the Galapagos Islands, wildlife cruises and nature tours in one of the most unique wilderness sanctuaries on the planet.

Yachts & Cruise Ships
Cruises are still one of the most popular kinds of vacations today. With no real “destination” in mind, the focus is on the open sea and the over-the-top luxuries on the ship. Bouncing from Tropical Island to Tropical Island, it’s the perfect vacation for those looking to pamper themselves in luxury and get out and “see the world”.

Another variation of this, which requires a bit of a deeper pocket, is Yachting. Whether you own one or you intend to rent a boat, this is the ultimate in luxury travel. Essentially private cruise ships, Yachts are the choice method of sea travel for the uber-rich. If you have the means…it’s highly recommended.

Perfect for: The Caribbean, South Pacific, and Mediterranean

Ideal Luxury Private Jet for large groups and long trips - Challenger 600 is available for private jet charter or business jet charters.

Ideal Luxury Private Jet for large groups and long trips - Challenger 600 is available for private jet charter or business jet charters.

Private Jet Charters
Chartering your own jet sounds really expensive, and it can be, but you’d be surprised how reasonable it is compared to some first class ticket prices. And considering how frustrating it is to travel by air these days, more and more people are choosing private jet charters for their travels.

This option really makes the most sense if you have a group of travelers and/or your destination is a bit on the “remote” side. You probably won’t be saving money by chartering your own plane, but the convenience and luxury is not to be underestimated.

Perfect for: Private Islands, Alaska, and anywhere major airlines don’t go.

Luxury RV living quarters

Luxury RV living quarters

If your next vacation includes passing through national parks or any other wondrous places of interest, don’t just fly over them, stop and smell the roses! If you’re an adventure freak like I am, traveling by way or RV just might be the perfect way to go. Getting to your destination is part of the vacation, so make the most of it.

I know what you might be thinking: RVs don’t qualify as luxury travel, but if that’s your take, I’d have to completely disagree. With the exception of some private Yachts, none of the other methods I’ve listed will include king sized beds, showers, a kitchen, and private living room. Not to mention, this actually might be the least expensive option (especially if you’re renting). Seriously, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. The US national parks are not to be missed, so if you’re going from NY to LA, there’s just too much to see to fly.

Perfect for: Cross country trips (especially the US)

"Manned Cloud" - a luxury airship/hotel, able to accommodate 60 passengers, proposed by French designer Jean-Marie Massaud.  It is being currently being developed and could accommodate travelers on a 3 day cruise around the world.

"Manned Cloud" - a luxury airship/hotel, able to accommodate 60 passengers, proposed by French designer Jean-Marie Massaud. It is being currently being developed and could accommodate travelers on a 3 day cruise around the world.

Don’t worry: the Hindenburg tragedy is one part of history I think we can safely say will not repeat itself. The technology has certainly improved, and as a result airship travel is starting to make a come back.

While definitely not the fastest way to get where you’re going, airship travel is a sightseers dream. While most have seats, you probably won’t be sitting back all that much as peaking out the window is the point, here. This method of travel, while luxurious isn’t generally used to get you from point A to point B as much as it is to circle around as a sightseeing tour, but where available, it’s not to be missed.

Perfect for: Germany, California, and wherever available.

5 of the World’s Most Amazing & Adventurous Accommodations

Giraffe Manor

Giraffe Manor

Giraffe Manor:
For the animal lover it doesn’t get much better than Giraffe Manor in the Kenyan capital of Nairobi.  The luxury boutique hotel is surrounded by 140 acres of land where the  ”resident herd” of giraffes call home.  These friendly giants feel so welcome at the Manor that they routinely peek their heads through windows and the front door to get fed, pose for pictures and say hi to guests and staff. Giraffe Manor also has well appointed rooms, a friendly staff and a renowned kitchen.

Exploranter Overland Hotel

Exploranter Overland Hotel

Explorer Overland Hotel:
If you are the kind of traveler that enjoys being on-the-go, the Exploranter Overland Hotel is the perfect hotel for you.  This hotel on wheels, a converted 25-ton truck  that pulls behind it a trailer that can sleep 24 guests comfortably, while it tours the back country of Brazil, Argentina and Chile, stopping at pre-arranged or customized locations.  The hotel has everything you could possibly need to accommodate you and your travel companions…including bringing on chefs from different stops along your journey to prepare local specialties .  And if there is something you want that can’t fit on the truck – er hotel – the Overland Hotel staff can help make it happen for you.  Everything from spelunking and horseback riding, to winery tours and hot air balloon rides and more can be arranged.

Kakslauttanen Glass Igloo

Kakslauttanen Glass Igloo

The hotel is located near the Urho Kekkonen National Park in Lapland, the most northern part of Scandinavia spreading to the area of the four different countries: Finland, Russia, Norway and Sweden.  Lapland’s extreme climate is what makes a stay at the Kakslauttanen so unique…that and the opportunity to stay in a snow or glass igloo!  The snow igloos have lights inside ice that, when illuminated, create a quiet, serene setting for a cozy night tucked warm into a down sleeping bag.  The glass igloos stay as warm as a regular room, yet give guests the unique opportunity to look up at the Aurora Borealis (August – April) or stay warm inside while watching a romantic snowstorm fall around you.  After staying in either of the igloos, guests are welcome to enjoy the sauna in the morning, followed by a dip in a hole in the ice covering a nearby river – talk about a jump-start to your day!

Huilo Huilo Magic Mountain Lodge:
Nestled in the Huilo Huilo Nature Reserve in Southern Chile, the Magic Mountain Lodge was designed to exist harmoniously in the Patagonian Andes mountain setting and constructed using indigenous materials and other items made by local artisans.  The lodges unique architecture is set around 55 rooms located on 7 floors, each of which has a window that peeks out of the “mountain” lodge and overlooks the forested surroundings.  Nature enthusiasts will enjoy the valleys and mountain ranges covered by the Temperate Rainforest that are a part of an ecosystem that conservationists are trying to preserve.  A variety of outdoor activities and excursions are available, including a hikes to a local volcano, waterfall or through the rainforest where you can observe wildlife.

Kolarbyn Eco-Lodge

Kolarbyn Eco-Lodge

Kolarbyn Eco-Lodge:
Looking for an overnight experience that falls somewhere between camping and staying in a hostel?   The Kolarbyn Eco-Lodge, billed as Sweden’s most primitive hotel, has forest huts and advertises such swanky acommodations as, “two hard beds,” “cosy sheep-skin rugs,” “primitive kitchen facilities,” and “firewood for self-cutting” that you can then use in the hut’s “wood heater.”  If you can get past the fact that you’ll be paying to fetch your own water from a nearby spring, the Kolarbyn does have some cool wildlife safari’s; sign up for the Wolf Howling Tour, Wolf Safari by Horse, Moose Safari, Lynx Adventure, or the Beaver Watching Tour.

Photo Journey through SE Asia Guest Bloggers, Stacy & Jeff, traveled across 6 countries in Southeast Asia and were nice enough to check in with us all along the way.  This is their journey by the numbers:

  • 21different airplanes they took
  • 6bus rides (varying from 7 hours to 27 hour trips)
  • 2train trips (overnight)
  • 11boat/ferry rides
  • 46different hotels (not including Cynthia and Fernando’s homes)
  • 12the # of languages they came across (at least!) throughout their trip
  • 0sicknesses
  • 0injuries
  • 1root canal
  • 0danger/trouble they encountered
  • 22# of books they read – each!
  • and we both want more!
  • This is their journey in photos (each photo links to the corresponding blog entry):

    We hope you enjoyed this as much as we did!