You Better Belize it!

The family took a trip to Belize in August, 2019 to go scuba diving and enjoy some down time, down in Central America. We stayed at the Bermuda Landings condos, which you can also rent from our website HERE

bermuda landings

Our first night we had dinner at Stella’s Sunset on a small deck over the water by the lagoon.

We met Cinnamon the resident dog, who makes her way to and from the local restaurants, making friends and picking up any dinner droppings. Ceviche (shrimp) appetizer. Coconut shrimp. Yum! Special: redfish. Plantain chips. French fries are really good.

Day 2 –

We went diving with Ecologic Divers.
ecologic divers
Charlie was our DM. Jonathan was boat captain. We dove at San Pedro Canyons. We saw crab, green eel, bull shark, lots of nurse sharks, reef shark. A great start!

nurse shark

We then went to Sandy Toes Beachfront Bar n Grill @ dolphin n boca del Rio for lunch. Grilled fish tacos. Omg. They were the best we had all week.
fish tacos
fish tacos at Sandy Toes

Day 3

Left the condo at 8:15 to go diving. Dive site Esmeralda. The dive site was much prettier than yesterday, but not very many fish. It was deep caverns that dropped down to 100+ feet. I did spot a lobsterand we saw many nurse sharks once again. At the very end I briefly saw a turtle. Several Queen angelfish.

Lunch at Estel’s Dine By The Sea
Kirk: fish tacos.
Tyler: Mayan eggs
Me: grilled fish topped with grilled onions and bell peppers. No rice or beans – Delicious! And they played great zumba music

Night dive at Hol Shan. Shallow 28’ max depth some current.
Saw octopus, big green moray eels, lotsa huge stingrays, nurse sharks, spotted eel, tarpon, tiger paw sea cucumber, arrow crab. It was exhausting but exhilarating. I love night dives!


Sea Anemone on night dive

Octopus on night dive

Stingray on night dive

Dinner at 9:05. Headed to Dive Bar. Nope. Kitchen closed at 9. Headed to Pirates. Nope didn’t look good. Mostly a bar. Then to Palapas. Nope. Closed kitchen. Elvi’s was recommended. Got there at 9:30. Whew! they took us in. Getting their famous curry fish. The corn cake bread is wow
Calamari. Only 9 pieces but good!

Thursday day 4 – Rest day

I got up at 7:30. Went out to the beach and did some yoga and meditation. Kirk and I drive to the south end of the island. Stopped to get gas. Shopped at the local Artisans craft market. I ordered an ankle bracelet.

Had lunch at Palmilla’s (#35) at the Victoria House resort. very fancy indoor with a/c. We had the tuna watermelon ceviche and the Yucatán ceviche w shrimp and octopus both so so good. Cassava chips, corn chips, and plantain chips. I had a local rum Caipirinha. Kirk had Malbec. Dessert: molten chocolate cake.
Omg the BEST! Caramalized bananas. Vanilla ice cream. Worth coming back for !

Went to dinner at Blue Water Grill. Waterfront. Sushi night. Pinot Grigio from Italy. Santa Christina. Wasabi Basil Tuna. Portions were extremely small for $16. No rice in either one. Thinly sliced shashimi-ish tuna. Oh well. Saving room for dessert. Everyone had dessert. 3 espresso creme brûlée’s. Troy has strawberry banana ice cream. Just okay. Wouldn’t order again. Thin pudding texture. Decent size.

Day 5

Dove with Charlie At Chimney and Tackle Box
Deep dive 102’ went thru a swim thru. Nurse shark followed us
Next dive we saw reef shark
Lobster. Tyler n Kirk saw a crab.
Peterson shrimp. Juv basket Star

Dinner at the Dive Bar.
App: ceviche
Almond breaded grouper ala carte for $14 no sides.
Pinot Grigio
Tyler and Troy ordered a pitcher of Sangria.

Day 6

5:30 am going out with Amigos Del Mar. Huge comfy boat with 20-22 total on board. Crows nest. Fresh water shower, Bluetooth stereos that I can play my zumba music on.
Dives at Tuneffe :
2-Jack Barrow wall
Nurse sharks, green moray eel, lobsters, lotsa colorful fish . Many fairy basslets, Queen angels, big schools of blue tangs, huge coral sponges, barrel sponges, purple sea fans, yellow jawfish, beautiful Santa Rosa style walls. So much color! Orange corals, anemone
Lunch was rice/beans, potato salad, stewed chicken, Fanta, coconut pie on the boat.
3rd Dive:?
Not much to see different. Brown frilly arrow crab on the brown lacy coral. Lobster inside a barrel sponge. Coral banded shrimp, Nurse sharks Water 81 degrees 50 min. Dive. No current. Almost no waves.

The dive masters served us Coconut rum n pineapple juice on the way home.

For dinner we headed to town.

golf carts in san pedro
The guys wanted to play pool @Lilys Treasure Chest. I ordered the ceviche because the author said it was the best. But not so. It had shrimp, lobster, snapper and octopus. It was good but not great. Victoria House’s and The Dive Bar’s are better.

Left and ate at Caramba’s for dinner where the fish market was in the street side.

carambasDeep sea red snapper, lobster, stone crab claws. It was a feast that we only ate half of.

day 7 – rest day

Dinner at Truck Stop. Coconut lime mohito. (Rum, coconut cream, mint)
Octopus and pork belly soft tacos omg good! Played ping pong and corn hole. This was one of our favorite places. Outdoors, lively, food trucks, live music, a swimming pool, games, etc.
truck stop

day 8

Dove at Cypress Gardens. Spotted drum
Black Coral Mound
scuba diving in belize
Troy Tidwell

5 sharks! One 7’ big fat bull shark followed. By a school of jacks. Big groupers! Spotted eagle ray

scuba diving in belize
Tyler Tidwell

Lunch at MataChica. What a beautiful peaceful place. We were headed to Rojo but it’s closed Sun n Mon. Pinot Grigio. Ceviche and snapper skewers. Bananas foster dessert with coconut ice cream. Tyler had caramel flan. Yum! Troy had a fruit plate. Drove to the Secret beach. Down a long hot dusty pothole road. What a waste of time. It’s just a lot of bars and loud music. There was supposed to be live music at Blue Bayou but there wasn’t. So we left.

Dinner at The Dive Bar
Coconut shrimp (not great) I only ate 3 of them.
Baileys Colada
Troy had chicken Alfredo.
Kirk had shrimp Alfredo.
Cheese sauce wasn’t great either.
Tyler liked his jerk coconut lobster.

Day 9

Dove at High School Caverns. Saw turtle lobster pufferfish , Fireworm , nurse sharks almost constantly around us. Lion fish. Cleaner shrimp in curly cue anemone. Green moray, Christ statue. 91’ max depth 54 min. 82 degrees

2nd Dive (Esmeralda North)
2 reef sharks remoras, many nurse sharks – up to 5-6 at a time, lobster, SPOTTED DRUM !

Lunch at Coco’s Loco bar
Drinking a Three(Two) citrus martini with Titos
Food from the Sandbar
Eh not impressed
Bacon blue cheese burger
Yucky meat overcooked.
Could only eat half of it
Shrimp lobster ceviche

Played corn hole
Kirk and I drove to town to get my anklet at the Artisan Craft mall. We stopped and gave out BeachHouse beach balls to the local kids. beach balls

Ate dinner at Caroline’s Kitchen
I had snapper with coconut cream sauce. yum!

day 10

Dove up north
1-? by Mata Chica
2-Charlie’s reef
No sharks today. Saw spotted eagle ray. Spotted drum. Lobster. Nurse sharks. Harlequin bass video. Very lush. Lotsa corals and sponges. Family photo
Warm towels with eucalyptus
Surface interval at O’s resort. Nice hammocks.
16 total dives

Lunch at Wild Mangos. Here is the view:

beaches of san pedro
Drove north to Rojo’s where we ate 12 yrs ago. Poke Tostones with tuna was too spicy yuck! So we got those sent back and got the Pork belly soft “tacos” instead. Soft white asian bread. Omg. Those were great. The parrot they said was 76 yrs old. Kepi (female). This is not a dinner place. They only have appetizers and pizza. No full meals. And they are extremely expensive. The tuna pokes were $24. Only 1 type of wine and it’s $16 / glass. Pizza is $25.

Day 11 -
Time to go home (boo hoo)
If we ever come here again. Go to the airport early. There’s a darling French bakery nearby for coffee and breakfast.
16 min flight to Belize city
Hot hot! In the airplane. Bring a small battery hand fan.

We enjoyed our stay in San Pedro. I hope you do too! Here is a list of beach house vacation rentals in Belize, Ambergris Caye, San Pedro