7 Things Guests Want in a Beach House

When it comes to a beach house, guests aren’t just looking for a place to stay. They are looking for a vacation experience. People choose a beach house because they want something more personal than a hotel or resort. They want a place that will provide them with everything they need to comfortably enjoy their vacation. Here are 7 things guests are looking for in a beach house.

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1. Beach Access

This one seems rather obvious, but the most important thing guests look for in a beach house is access to the beach. This doesn’t mean your property needs to have the ocean right on its doorstep. But your guests will want to know where the beach is. Emphasize the distance to the beach in your listing, and be sure to provide clear directions or a map if needed.

2. Entertainment & Wi-Fi

People want to relax and have a good time when they are on vacation, so it is important to offer plenty of ways to keep them entertained. Make sure your beach house has a TV and a decent selection of DVDs, books, and games. You could provide things like bicycles, a guitar or piano, art supplies and sporting equipment. These are great family-friendly activities that guests can enjoy together. Even on vacation people want to stay connected, so WiFi is essential. In fact most guests consider WiFi to be a necessity, so make sure to provide a reliable internet connection too.

3. Outdoor Space

Most people on a beach vacation want to spend as much time outside as possible. This is why many guests will be looking for a beach house with a nice outdoor area. This includes an outdoor dining space as well as somewhere to relax. Something like a sun hammock or an outdoor sofa can provide a great place for guests to kick back and read or sunbathe.

4. Welcome Basket

A complimentary welcome basket is a good way to make a strong first impression and get your guests’ vacation off to a great start. You’ll want to include a mixture of practical items as well as a few treats for your guests. Practical items can include toiletries such as soap and shampoo, and things for the beach like towels and sunscreen. For treats you can’t really go wrong with something like chocolate, cookies or fresh fruits.

5. Kitchen

Unlike a hotel or resort, guests staying in a beach house are usually responsible for their own food. This is why guests will be looking for a decent kitchen setup. Invest in high quality cooking equipment and provide things like cutlery, bowls and plates. Many guests will also look for luxuries such as a coffee machine and complimentary condiments.

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6. Bathroom

When it comes to the bathroom, many guests are looking for a spa-like experience. Giving the bathroom a makeover and providing good quality toiletries can go a long way to creating a luxurious experience. Even better if you can provide locally-made artisanal products like soaps, shampoos and candles.

7. Local Experience

Location is a huge factor for guests choosing a beach house. Many people will be looking for a full experience that allows them to explore and enjoy the local attractions. It’s a good idea to provide information on sightseeing locations, activities, good restaurants and cafes. Provide brochures and maps for things that the area is known for. For example, in Marathon, Florida your guests will probably want to see the marine life or do activities like jet-skiing or kayaking. For beach house rentals in Malibu, California, guests will want information about Malibu Pier and the best restaurants and surfing spots.

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People choose a beach house because they want more than just accommodation. They want the whole vacation package. They want a place with the comforts of home but the luxuries of being on holiday. Going the extra mile for your guests will ensure they have an unforgettable experience.

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Maia Fletcher is a freelance writer from the sunny city of Gisborne, New Zealand. When she wants a few hours of tranquillity, Maia loves going to the beach – where she sits under the clear blue sky and listens to the soothing sounds of waves crashing the shore. See more of her published works here.