The Best Thing to do in Cat Island is to do Nothing at All!

Cat Island is a beautiful and historic island located in central Bahamas.  Cat Island’s exceptional beauty, peaceful atmosphere, superb climate, and pristine beaches contribute to making it a spectacular vacation destination.  Cat Island has the one of the best climates in the Bahamas – the temperatures average 80 degrees in the summers and 70 degrees in the short winters.  You can escape from the hustle and bustle of every day life to this lush island for a romantic getaway for an intimate family vacation.  Everyone is bound to have a marvelous time in this beautiful island.  Beach vacation homes are a popular mode of accommodation in Cat Island, as they provide a luxurious home away from home.

There is pleny to do in this beautiful Bahamian island.  Cat Island has serene, beautiful beaches that offer enjoyable activities.  The expansive beaches are so secluded that you will feel as if the beach is your own private beach; this feeling is intensified if you stay at a luxurious beach house!

Some of the beaches include the Greenwood Beach that has pink sand, Old Bight Beach with its pure white sand (ideal for walking, beach combing, picnicking, and relaxing), New Bight Beach, which hosts weekend dances and holiday picnics, and Fountain Bay Beach.  You can enjoy fishing, snorkeling, kayaking, and scuba-diving at the beaches.

Mount Alvernia, which is 206 feet above sea level, is the highest point in the Bahamas and it is located in Cat Island.  Even though the island offers enjoyable activities, you can choose to do nothing at all and, instead, appreciate the distinct serenity of the island.

Cat Island was once one of the thriving Loyalist colonies of the Out Islands.  The island prospered by means of numerous cotton plantations that were established in the 1700s.  Now, you can view the vine-covered, semi-ruined mansions in which the cattle was penned and the pineapples were grown centuries ago.

cat island private beach

The island has many other intriguing historical sites.  Columbus Point, which is also a momument to Christopher Columbus, is one of the  many Indian caves located in Cat Island.  Hawk’s Nest is a beautiful and fascinating area where a wonderful hawk awed all the locals by making her nest for several years.

The Hermitage, a minature monastry, is an tremendous imitation of the larger hermitages in Europe.  The Hermitage is built on Mt. Alvernia and you can enjoy exceptionally beautiful, panoramic views of the island from there.  The historic sites are a must-see for tourists!

Cat Island has variety of diverse restaurants that will ensure a wonderful dining experience.  Delicious, authentic Bahamian cuisine and seafood is a specialty of the island!  Some of the great restaurants include Bachelor’s Restaurant, Pass Me Not Bar Restaurant, and Blue Bird Restaurant.

Cat Island is serene place that provides a superb vacation experience for everyone!  You are warmly welcome to say at a luxurious beach house and enjoy the serenity of this exotic island.  You will undoubtedly have an unforgettable vacation experience!