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2010 RockWater Race – 3rd Annual Relay Race From Mountains to Ocean to Benefit Surfrider Foundation

rockwater3flatWHAT: RockWater – A 28.9 Mile Race, from the mountains to the ocean, along the Santa Ana River Watershed to help keep our oceans, waves and beaches clean.

WHO: You and up to 6 of your friends – a combination of runners and walkers, bikers (beach cruisers and mountain bikes, no road bikes) and skateboarders.

WHERE: The race covers 28.9 miles starting at head of the Santa Ana River trail at the border of Orange and Riverside Counties and finishes at the Santa Ana River mouth in Huntington Beach CA.

WHEN:  Race Date: March 20, 2010 - Race Starts @ 9:00AM  Teams are expected to check in at the start by 8:30 AM.

WHY: A watershed is any river, gully, canyon or pathway that drains to the ocean. Watersheds are everywhere and anything on land can find its way to the ocean via a watershed. This means that if you throw something on the ground it may eventually end up in the ocean. Drop a cigarette butt or plastic fork, and it will end up in the ocean, on our beaches, or in the stomach of a fish, sea bird or other marine animal.

Registration is now open for the third annual RockWater relay race hosted by Surfrider Foundation’s Newport Beach Chapter on Saturday, March 20th. RockWater is a 28.9-mile relay race that follows the path of the Santa Ana River, from the Orange and Riverside County line to the river mouth in Huntington Beach, and raises awareness about the river’s connection to our oceans, waves and beaches.

“This is a fun and active way to learn about our local watershed,” said Dudley Tabakin, Vice Chair of Surfrider Foundation’s Newport Beach Chapter. “We hope it will bring greater awareness to the surrounding communities, who may not be knowledgeable of the impact that urban runoff has on our beaches and ocean. If you throw your trash out on the street it will end up in our ocean and on our beaches.”

Teams may register up to seven members to run, walk, bike, or skateboard the trail – or a combination of these. Each team must also have a driver and vehicle to transport team members to relay changeovers. Registration is $100 per team and includes a race t-shirt. Prizes are awarded for first place teams in each category, as well as for collecting the most trash on route and the ‘Wooden Spoon’ is awarded to the team finishing last. Proceeds from RockWater will benefit the Surfrider Foundation’s Newport Beach Chapter and its ongoing efforts to educate the community about the importance of clean water.


Top 5 Popular Water Sports for Adrenaline Junkies

Anyone who loves the water knows there are many fantastic water sports, ranging from the peaceful escape of fishing to the rush of water skiing, but true adrenalin junkies have taken these sports to the extreme.  Here are five of the most popular water sports, and their extreme counterpart:

Fishing is easily one of the most popular of all water sports, a great way to relax with a great sense of accomplishment when you reel in the “big catch.” It is also one of the least expensive water sports, as anyone can fish for the cost of a fishing license, a fishing rod and a few other essentials such as bait. You can fish from the banks of a river, from a pier, or from a boat.

Those looking for a rush and the thrill of the fight, however,  should look into deep sea fishing.  In order to battle with the seas largest beasts, you must head hours away from shore where you’ll find sharks and giant marlin.  Just watch the video:

Water Skiing/Wake Boarding:
There is no adrenaline rush like putting on some water skis and holding on tight to the ropes streaming from the back of a motor boat – hitting the waves at speeds surfers could only dream of. You can enjoy the fresh air as it hits you head-on and blows past your ears. Water skiing is not to be missed if you love water sports at their most exciting.

In the past 10 years or so, tow sports has been invaded by another extreme: wake boarding.  The snowboard equivalent of water skiing, you’re strapped into a single board (feet sideways) as you glide over the water.  Huge aerials and insane tricks are this extreme sports mantra.

Boating is a huge category of water sports and includes many of the most popular water sports. Some people enjoy kayaking, canoeing, or white water rafting, while others enjoy sailing or fishing from a boat. Some prefer the adrenaline rush and noise of a motorboat or personal watercraft, while others prefer to enjoy the fresh air floating along on a sailboat or a luxurious yacht.

Adrenalin junkies can find a variety of ways to get their kicks on boats.  White water rafting, and speed boat racing are probably the most obvious.  But if you’ve never seen what true sailors endure, you’ll see there’s something much more thrilling out there.  This is Yacht Racing:

Swimming and Diving:
Swimming is some of the best exercise available, from swimming at a local pool to swimming in the ocean or in a lake. Some people, however, prefer to see what is under the waves, and engage in such activities as snorkeling and scuba diving. While precautions must be taken with these (as with any water sport), there is no better way to see the sea in all its glory.

Cliff divers are a strange bunch.  If you’ve ever met someone who enjoys this extreme sport (the real 100+ foot cliffs…not the wimpy 30 foot ones) you’ll probably notice there’s something a bit off about them…probably because they enjoy doing things like this:

Surfing is another great water sport for adrenaline lovers, letting you ride the waves and sometimes fall into them. Some also engage in windsurfing, using a sail to ride across the surface of the water at incredible speeds.

Surfing is great and all, but most people who jump out to catch waves don’t have what it takes to be a big wave surfer. The following video is one of the best…ever:

Guest post provided by Pediro.com, a sporting goods directory and resource for all sports enthusiasts.