Travel Deals – Croatia & Eastern Europe

I need to travel. I would rather sacrifice in other areas so that I can travel. I am constantly looking for somewhere or someway that I can travel, that doesn’t require me getting a third credit card. If I hear of someone who just went on a great vacation, I pick their brain and then research the area, the beaches, whatever I can find. If there is a shred of doubt in my mind weather or not I can afford the trip, I usually start researching flights immediately. I have friends who just got back from their honeymoon in Croatia, so of course I researched Europe and now I want to go!

Republic of Croatia

Croatia’s peak season starts in May and goes through September. Try planning your vacation for October – weather is cooling off slightly, but most beaches will still be warm enough to swim at.  Prices will be lower in the off season and there are fewer other travelers to contend with. 

Kristin (the new bride!) also recommended that travelers rent a beach house rather than paying premium prices for hotel accommodations.  You may have to pick up after yourself and do your own laundry, but you will save money in the long run, plus you have the privacy of your own home, access to a kitchen and often your own pool!

Generally, Eastern Europe is much cheaper to travel to and around than its counterpart to the West. If beach destinations like Croatia, or the popular (and pricier) cities of Paris, Rome or Barcelona aren’t your thing, travelers can still see the old world charm found in Western Europe, for less of their cash. Places like, Sofia and Budapest, Bruges, and Tallinn make for unique and exciting vacations. karen-and-mom

Tallinn, Estonia is safe, on the cheaper side, and offers more charm and beauty than its other former Soviet neighbors with a contrast of cobblestone streets winding past 13th Century churches and nightclubs such as Club Bonbon and Privé entertain revelers until 5 a.m.  The best way to see the town is by foot (look into walking tours) and be sure to visit Viru Street for excellent shopping!

Sofia, Bulgaria is a walking town surrounded by things to see. Take a day trip to the Vitosha Mountain or stay locally and join in on the leisurly meals served at one of many cafe-style restaurants.