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Seal Beach is great for your next family summer vacation trip! Learn more here!


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Seal Beach Beach Information

Seal Beach is great for your next family summer vacation trip!

Seal Beach is located in the exclusive community of Orange County, where BeachHouse.com has a growing variety of beach vacation homes. Seal Beach stays true to its California colors,while maintaining its small town feel, which helps make it an extremely family friendly vacation destination. With ample shopping, art galleries, local parks near the beach, Seal Beach can accommodate to everyone's tastes! It's known for places like Main Street, this area is perfect for relaxing and strolling. Known as the "Anaheim Landing" because of the seaside recreation of the surrounding area, Seal Beach used to host a beachside amusement park called the Joy Zone. Take a trip to the past at the Red Car Museum that shows the local history of Seal Beach. Another great attraction is the History of Tea Museum in best of Times Tea Cottage and Hospitality Shop with its spectacular tea garden!

Seal Beach is home to the second longest wooden pier in California, used for both fishing and sightseeing. This historic attraction has been a source of great sentiment for the area after individuals, groups, and businesses all chipped in to repair it in 1983. After hanging out on shore, vacationers go to "Stingray Bay" to surf alongside countless stingrays. Classic longboard builders are resident to the area establishing Harbour Surfboards and Bruce Jones Surfboards in the 1950s.
Surfers aren't the only ones native to this area; famous celebrities such as Randy Stonehill and Bill Ward call this place home. This glamorous area also plays host to many movies and television shows. Usual exclusive hangouts include the Old Ranch Country Club Private Golf Course with 18 championship holes designed by Ted Robinson. With all of this variety, it's no wonder so many make Seal Beach their favorite destination for beach house rentals!