Top Beach Vacation Destinations in the World

Top Beach Destinations!

If your vacation experience occurs on a cliff side overlooking the ocean, whether it’s directly on the sand or within walking distance to the beach, you can find listings on in a wide array of coastal locations worldwide. Our Travelogue includes useful information on many of our listing area locations, to help our users better organize their dream beach vacation.


Tropical Beach Rentals

Caribbean Beach House Rentals - Whether your idea of the perfect holiday is a leisurely afternoon basking in the sun or an afternoon hiking in a rain forest , a Caribbean vacation offers just the right mix.

Caribbean Vacation Rentals - A Caribbean vacation rental is the perfect destination for your next getaway!

Montserrat Beach Vacation Rentals - Montserrat, known as the emerald jewel of the Caribbean, is an island that prides itself on visitors enjoying the simple pleasures of life.

Dominican Republic Beach House Rentals - The Dominican Republic is a historic island nation in the Caribbean, whose national heritage reaches back over 500 years. This rich and metropolitan nation has over 800 miles of coastline, with white sandy beaches, diving attractions, and access to unspoiled nature with a caribbean rental. Two popular destinations in the Dominican Republic are Cabrera and Casa De Campo. Cabrera is an unspoiled paradise, home to a national park reserve, which is rarely visited by tourists. Casa De Campo is a resort town on the southern coast of the island, which features amenities like challenging golf and luxurious, private oceanfront villas.

Barbados Beach House Vacation Rentals - Barbados is a small, but culturally very diverse island in the southern part of the Caribbean, a few hundred miles north of Venezuela. This island nation is steeped in the culture of the West Indes, and is a perfect place to enjoy street music and relax on the shores. If you want to feel like you've traveled to the other side of the world on your beach vacation, consider visiting Barbados. This island is small, but very beautiful, and many locals recommend touring the oceans outside Barbados by kayak.

Barbados Beach Vacation Rentals - Barbados is the most Eastern island in the Caribbean and one of the best places to go for a nice summer vacation!

Barbados Villa Rentals - Sample the surf, sun, and sand of the Caribbean in one of our premier Barbados beach homes!

Hopkins Village Beach House Rentals By booking a beach house vacation rental in Hopkins Village, Belize, travelers will be able to escape the grind and take solace in the simple pleasures of the quiet beach town.

British Virgin Islands Vacation Rentals- On the golden beaches are some of the most popular activities that are easily accessible near your British Virgin Islands vacation rental. In fact, the British Virgin Islands are referred to as the sailing capital of the Caribbean, offering the finest and safest sailing in the world.

Tortola Beach Vacations- Tortola is the perfect destination for vacationers seeking adventure in the Caribbean. With the dramatically-carved and rugged terrain of the mountain island, many say that driving on Tortola is an experience in itself.

St. David Vacation Rentals- Spending the season in the Caribbean, a beach house rental in St. David's on the island of Grenada offers plenty of fun in the sun.


Mexico Beach Vacation Rentals

Mexico Vacation Rentals- Our beach house rentals in Mexico will be a wonderful part of your vacation. Check out the best Cabo San Lucas resort with fun amenities!

Yucatan Mexico Beach Vacation Rentals- Though overshadowed by its more famous Yucatan cousin, Cancun, Akumal is a gorgeous beach town in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo.


Victoria Beach House Rentals- One of the best places for vacationers heading to Australia for the first time is the city of Lorne in the province of Victoria


Jamaica Beach House Rentals - While at your Jamaica Beach House Rental, you'll be in the perfect place to relax and have a culturally enriched experience! Jamaica is well known for its "no problem" type of atmosphere, which is a far cry from everyday work stress.

Jamaica Villa Rentals- Discover a land of beaches surrounded by palm trees and breathtaking blue mountains. Rather than a hotel, a Jamaican villa.

United States Territories

Caribbean Vacation Rentals

St. Croix Beach House Rentals - St. Croix is one of the largest of the three main islands that make up the United States Virgin Islands.

St. Croix Vacation Beach Rentals - St. Croix vacation rentals are the best way to enjoy your stay on the island!

St. Croix Virgin Islands Vacation Rentals - The St. Croix US Virgin Island measuring 26 miles long and 6 miles wide is considered the "Big Island" out of the three wonderful vacation spots that make up the US Territories in the Caribbean!

St. Martin Vacation Rentals - St. Martin is the smallest island in the world to be shared by two sovereign governments- the Dutch and French.

St. Thomas Vacation Rentals - St. Thomas is US territory and one of the most highly coveted vacation destinations in the Caribbean. Sometimes called the "Shopping Destination of the Caribbean", St. Thomas has duty-free shops where you can get luxury and designer goods at incredible prices. This little island also has world-class yachting and sports fishing, and is a haven for ecotourists who come from all over the world to enjoy Mangrove Lagoon, a small nature preserve near Banner Bay on the southern shore of the island. Book a villa rental in St. Thomas and enjoy this sophisticated island territory perfect for a discerning beach vacationer.

Travel To St. Lucia - St. Lucia is one of the Caribbean's Best-Kept Secrets for a villa rental.


Alabama Gulf Coast Vacation Rentals- - Your beach house on the Alabama Gulf Coast is perfect for gorgeous golf, fun amusement parks, and beautiful beaches.


Beach House Rentals In Dana Point - Dana Point is a great vacation town if you love whale watching, sports fishing, and spectacular ocean views! With its close proximity to amusement parks like Disneyland and LEGOLAND and its historical tie in with the beautiful Mission San Juan Capistrano located nearby, you'll love this famous Southern California town great for either relaxing at the beach or going on day trips to the exciting locations listed above and more, all conveniently surrounding your beach house!

Santa Cruz breakwater lighthouse

Beach House Rentals In Newport Beach - Any one of many beautiful Newport Beach vacation rentals will put you right in the middle of Californian beach culture. Rent a beach house and live the glamour of Southern California near the homes of the rich and famous in this popular beach town that has become the setting for many well-known movies and TV shows!

Experience LA County & Southern California - Los Angeles County is where you'll find dazzling beach homes on the same city block as some of the most famous celebrities in America!

Northern California Beach Vacations - With over hundreds of miles of shoreline, you'll surely find the perfect beach rentals in California for your next vacation in either Northern or Southern California!

Orange County Beach Vacation Rentals - Orange County is home to many cities that will be perfect for a beach house rental. Learn more about destinations like Newport Beach and Capistrano Beach, California

Top 10 Things To Do In Newport Beach

Romantic Beach Destinations In California - A Santa Barbara vacation rental will provide you a beach vacation experience as you enjoy the wonderful coast the city has come to be known for. Your trip to Santa Barbara won't soon be forgotten as you see the Spanish influence reflected all throughout the town and in the shops and other areas that line the coast! Bring the family along and be sure to visit the local museums for a little bit of history and enjoy the smell of the salty air in one of California's most famous beach towns!

San Diego County Vacation Rentals - A San Diego beach rental will put you in the right spot to experience the richness of San Diego's diverse culture. Known as one of the most popular and influential cities in Southern California, San Diego is great both as a beach town and a place to enjoy the city night life!

Santa Cruz Vacation Rentals- A beautiful Santa Cruz vacation rental has various activities offer for your next trip to Northern California.


Florida Beach Rentals

Captiva Island Beach Vacation Tips and Info - Our beautiful Captiva Island beach house rental is perfect your next island getaway! Take a trip to one of the more luxurious places in Florida by vacationing on an island that has attracted all kinds of people to its shores for hundreds of years. From legendary pirates to curious tourists, Captiva has seen it all, and now awaits your arrival!

Cocoa Beach Vacation Rentals - Cocoa Beach vacation rental is the perfect destination for your next getaway.

Emerald Coast Rental Vacations - The Emerald Coast of Florida has powder-white sand and gorgeous gulf destinations for you to enjoy!

Florida First Coast Vacation Homes - The "First Coast" of Florida stretches from Fernandina Beach to Saint Augustine, and is a perfect destination for your family beach vacation!

Visit the Forgotten Coast in Florida for a relaxing getaway along the Gulf of Mexico! - Visitors who book a vacation rental in Florida's Forgotten Coast are free to explore the fine, white-sand beaches the Florida coastline has become famous for without worrying about the heavy crowds that come with more popular beach towns.

Florida Gold Coast Beach Rentals - The Florida Gold Coast stretches from Miami to Palm Beach and is perfect for a beach house vacation!

Florida Keys Beach House Rentals - The Florida Keys are perfect for a Caribbean vacation without leaving the continental United States!

Florida Mangroves 101- When taking a trip down to Florida, it's not unusual for vacationers to see beach houses near mangroves, otherwise known as a mangrove forest.

Florida Space Coast Vacation Rentals - Plan a vacation in Florida's Space Coast for your next getaway as you enjoy both beautiful beaches and spectacular entertainment all around!

Florida Suncoast Vacation Rentals - Step into a completely new world and create the perfect dream with a Florida Suncoast vacation in the Sunshine State.

Something for Everyone in Fort Myers, Florida With a Fort Myers beach house rental, you will have the ideal place to spend your down time together, just steps from the relaxing and idyllic setting of the Gulf of Mexico.

Florida Surf Coast Rentals Near Daytona - Find a beach house rental near Daytona along Florida's Surf Coast!

Florida Waterfront Homes - Still Beachfront Beauties

Gators Galore In Florida- The main reason why alligators are considered to be iconic of Florida is because they only live in the Southeast of the country.

Key West Beach House Rentals - Visit America's summertime getaway in Key West, Florida. With a Key West beach house rental you can explore America's only living coral reef.

Palm Coast Rentals - One of our beautiful Palm Coast rentals may possibly be that vacation of a lifetime you are searching for!

Panama City Vacation Rentals - Panama City Beach has its reputation as the home of "The World's Most Beautiful Beaches". Why not choose a Panama City Beach vacation rental for your next trip? The pristinely clean and beautiful beach town located along the Emerald Coast is a great place to either relax by the seaside or shop around and visit the local marine centers, zoo, and other popular attractions in the area.

Welcome to Destin, FL

Popular Vacation Locations In Destin - A Destin, Florida beach vacation rental could be your perfect destination if you want to spend time with your loved ones in the emerald green waters and on the white sand beaches of Destin, Florida.

The Best Beaches in the World are in Destin, Florida

Sarasota Vacation Rentals - The beautiful Sarasota vacation rental may well be what you are searching for on your next getaway.

Tampa Bay Area Beach Rentals - Check out the best of Florida with Tampa Bay rentals in Florida's Suncoast.

Visit The Florida Gulf Coast Islands - The Florida Gulf Coast Islands of Sanibel, Captiva, and North Captiva - secluded tropical getaways along the Gulf Coast of Florida.

Avoiding The Peskiest Pests Found In Florida - Mosquitoes- Mosquitoes are one of the most defining characteristics of the tropics. Naturally, they prefer humid weather and tend to culminate near various bodies of water, be it a pool, waterway, canal, and especially all of Florida's swampy areas.

What To Know About Hurricanes From The Perspective Of A Former Floridian- Hurricanes are no doubt a powerful natural phenomenon famously dealt with on the country's East Coast. The mere mention of the word is enough to get everyone to drop what they are doing and alertly monitor the news, even if they're not located in any hurricane-prone regions.

Luxury Beach Rentals Florida - On the contrary, Luxury Beach Rentals in Florida are readily available year-round.

Big Umbrella Or Beach House - Imagine our embarrassment and frustration, doing all that hard work and our umbrella flies away! All of that could have been avoided if we had rented a place on the beach. Need some shade?


Tybee Island Vacation Rentals - Tybee Island is a fun and relaxing destination for your beach house rental vacation!


Michigan City Rentals - Beautiful beach houses are right next to lake in Michigan City for you to enjoy a relaxing vacation away from your hustles and bustles of your ordinary life.

Northern Michigan Vacation Rentals- By securing a luxury beach house rental on the coast of a Great Lake, newlyweds can mix their affinity for the open water with their passion for all things outdoors.

North Carolina

Hatteras, NC vacation beach rentals

Beach Houses Near Cape Fear - The Cape Fear region of North Carolina is where you'll find Bald Head Island rentals and rentals by the shore in North Carolina!

Bask in Nature at Bald Head Island, North Carolina - When you rent a beach house on Bald Head Island, you are joining a close-knit community that strives to make their island a beautiful and natural place.

Corolla Vacation Rentals In The Outer Banks - A leading directory of quality Corolla vacation rentals and homes for rent in the Outer Banks on your next North Carolina beach vacation.

North Carolina Crystal Coast Vacation Rentals - Year after year, people from all across the United States visit North Carolina for their beach vacations. This culturally rich and historic state is home to the Outer Banks, one of the most iconic coastal destinations in the United States, and Cape Fear, one of the most rugged and unspoiled coastlines on the Eastern Seaboard. Visitors to North Carolina can visit one of three distinct regions during their beach vacations, each of which is guaranteed to offer an exciting and unique rental experience.

Outer Banks Vacation Rentals - The Outer Banks beach rentals are beautiful resorts for the perfect vacation away from the hustles and bustles from your daily life.


Oregon Southern Coast Vacation Rentals - Relax with your loved ones by staying in a beautiful Oregon Southern Coast vacation rental for your next hideaway as you surround yourself in nature and enjoy the local beaches and coastline.

Rhode Island

Rhode Island Beach Vacation Rental - Yet while some feel the need to explore distant lands during their vacation, others are content to find their relaxation a little closer to home.

South Carolina

Welcome to South Carolina!

South Carolina Lowcountry Vacation Rentals - A South Carolina Lowcountry vacation rental will provide you with a great vacation experience in many of popular and close-knit beach communities found throughout this area of the state.




Beach Articles

Barrier-Free Vacations with a Handicap Friendly Beach House -Your mission is to make sure that this fun vacation you have envisioned is accessible to everyone in your group. When it comes to mobility concerns, a handicap friendly beach house has you covered.

Beach House Rentals - A beach house rental is the perfect spot for you to unwind after having an exciting day at the beach! Come choose one of our beach houses for rent all over the coasts of California, Mexico, Italy, Caribbean Islands, Florida, Hawaii, and many more beautiful beach front resort areas.

Beach villas for rent!

Beach Houses and Fishing: The Perfect Match - When you rent a fishing beach house, you can establish a base of operations for your new fishing adventure. You should choose your beach rental based on the nearby fishing opportunities—consider the depth of fishing and types of fish you want to catch.

Celebrate Easter at the Beach - One of the most time-honored traditions of Easter is a big family meal—and this is something that families may fear they will have to sacrifice if they consider hosting their celebration outside of their home.

Celebrate Labor Day at the Beach - A beach house is the perfect place to spend Labor Day, whether you bring your immediate family, your extended relatives, or a group of friends. You can pick a beach property that has enough room for everyone, so if you stay the whole weekend, everyone has their own space to unwind.

Celebrate Your Independence in a Beach House this 4th of July - A beach house is the perfect place to spend Labor Day, whether you bring your immediate family, your extended relatives, or a group of friends. You can pick a beach property that has enough room for everyone, so if you stay the whole weekend, everyone has their own space to unwind.

Enjoy a Romantic Beach Getaway this Valentines Day - If you’re looking for a unique way to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your special someone, skip the usual restaurant routine and instead book a beach house vacation!

For Thanksgiving, the Beach Can't Be Beat- When you rent a beach house for Thanksgiving, you can have enough bedrooms to lodge the whole family.

Get Away to the Beach for your Next Anniversary- A getaway to the beach provides both the privacy you crave and a spectacularly beautiful backdrop for your love connection. Imagine arriving at your beach house rental, nestled on a stretch of private sand under a brilliantly blue sky.

Have a Blue Christmas by the Water- The beauty of a Christmas beach house is that, while you will feel like you are on vacation, you still get the comforts of home that are essential to your Christmas celebrations.

Memorial Day at the beach!

Have a Memorable Memorial Day at the Beach - A Memorial Day beach house will not only present many opportunities for family togetherness, but also help your family engage with each other by removing the distractions you find at home and enticing everyone with unique experiences on the beach.

Have your Best Birthday Ever at the Beach- Unique Opportunities for Birthday Fun in your Beach House.

Host your Next Girls Weekend in a Beach House- Have you been jonesing for a weekend getaway with your girlfriends? You could book a hotel room in your favorite party spot and battle the crowds of the city, or pick a hotel on the beach and live like sardines for the entire weekend—but instead, why not rent a girls weekend beach house for a more private and enjoyable party?

Rent a Beach House for the Ultimate Guys Weekend - Are you looking for a reason to take a weekend away? Maybe you’re worn out by the daily grind. Maybe you need to blow off some steam, or just reconnect with your crew.

Happy New Year!

Rent a Scuba Friendly Beach House For the Ultimate Dive Trip - Whether you are a scuba veteran or have just gotten your dive certification, you likely can’t wait to get your feet wet in a new dive spot. As you plan your next scuba trip, think beyond the hotel routine—instead, take your vacation further by renting a beach house in your favorite scuba destination.

Ring in the New Year at the Beach - If you really want to send out the year with a bang, there is no better venue than a New Year’s beach house.

Romance is Better at the Beach - One of the key ingredients to romance is privacy, and this is exactly what you get in a beach house rental. With your own private beach house, you have the beach and the ocean as a buffer between you and your nearest neighbor.

Say “Thank You" Mom and Dad with a Beach House Rental - Parents love nothing more than having the whole family together. Family at the beachBring everyone on a trip to the beach to celebrate your parents in style. Your beach house rental can have enough rooms to accommodate even extended families, so everyone can travel together and stay in comfort.

Family vacation at the beach with fido

Vacation With Your Pets at the Beach - Whether or not you have a pet, a beach house is the perfect venue for a family vacation. dog selfie at the beach First, a vacation home on the beach has the space and privacy to accommodate a family’s needs

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