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"I will continue to renew as long as your site keeps allowing me to recoup my annual investment - this year I not only made my investment back, but I profited more than tenfold thanks to Whatever you are doing, it is working, so keep it up!""

- Victor M., Emerald Isle, North Carolina

"I just wanted to let you know how happy we are with the amount of traffic your site generates for us. It is truly amazing. Our Florida condominium is advertised on at least 10 of the top vacation rental websites on the net, however, we receive 30-50% more traffic from your site than any of the other sites. Keep up the good work. Thanks!"

- Terry and Sandy, Anna Maria Island, Florida

"We have done our research and want to tell you that you are the best website online for Beach house vacation rentals. The many requests are from quality guests, your website is easy for guests and owners to navigate plus it is beautifully done. The support staff respond immediately with a keen interest in helping the owners build their site for maximum response and answer any question. Thank you!"

- John and Mary Ann, New Smyrna Beach, Florida

"Thank you for renewing our listing with another year. We have experienced an increase in our beach rental sales every year since 2003. Would like to express our gratitude for the great job you are doing in assisting us to obtain more inquiries."

- Stella W., South Padre Island, Texas

"Just want you to know that we're happy with our listing on Our rental season started on 3/18 with a renter for two weeks from Germany. She found our house on the site. These weeks probably would have not been rented otherwise. Another renter booked a week in June. So we've paid for our listing for the year! Rest assured that we will renew our listing. "

- Laura D., Topsail Beach, North Carolina

"Over the past year that I have been an advertiser on, I have been pleasantly surprised by the quality, reach and effectiveness of the website. For the last several years I have advertised on four of the oldest Vacation Rental Websites. In order to reach even more potential renters, last year I decided to add 4 more newer Vacation Rental Websites. My criteria in picking among the newer sites was who would reach my target renter population ( comes up on the first page of many Google and Yahoo searches for 'beach vacation rentals'). I also looked at which of the new sites were likely to flourish and grow, not just perish in a year. Of the 4 new vacation rental websites that I added last year,, has generated the greatest quantity and quality of new rental leads during the past year. BeachHouse.coms' staff is extremely responsive--both by email and telephone (which is rare combination among Vacation Rental Websites). "

- Joseph R., San Diego, California

"I have a house listed on and have had very good results. A good number of leads! Your web site is a #1 producer for me."

- Mark L., North Captiva Island, Florida

"You are the only one of the 3 companies that we are working with, who responds within 24 hrs. and goes to great lengths to meet all of our needs. I wanted you to know how great your service has been so that you will continue to serve your customers as you do now. I really appreciate being able to speak with the owner of the company when I have problems. Therefore, please, don't change a thing as you grow and expand. You're a great company that I hope to continue to working with many years into the future."

- Trish S., South Padre Island, Texas

"I wanted to let you know that I have had a GREAT response from your web site. It was a great decision to list our beach house with I commend you for running such a great site to the benefit of your clients and ours as well. Thanks again,"

- Judi and Erich A., Galveston, Texas

"I am just amazed at the power of the internet and your web site. I have been sold out at my Myrtle Beach Condo since Jan. and yesterday I had a cancelation. In less than 24 hours I have had 3 inquiries from my Beachhouse site and rented that canceled week. Thanks for your continued support to our rental property."

- Robert D., Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

"We've had a good season with the house and are very happy with the response from We certainly recommend it to friends, clients and colleagues who are either looking for rentals or who have properties to list."

- Angela S., Plantation, Florida

"I started out managing a few of my beach houses using I have now expanded to include my friend’s homes and now have a property management company with 40 homes. My number one resource for generating traffic for my business is which represents about 20% of my traffic source. More importantly, when we correspond with a potential guest, one that has originated from is more likely to result in a booking than any other source we have."

- Angie B., Seagrove Beach, Florida

"I had two beach houses on your website for several years. One was sold in 2003. Last year, in 2004, I had one beach house on website. It brought 90% of my business despite the fact that I had several other Internet website providers."

- Peter I., Cape Lookout/Three Capes/Tillamook Oregon

"I listed my beach house w/you guys about a week ago and the response has been GREAT!"

- Lilly T., Galveston Texas

"I put my beach house on about four weeks ago because it appeared to be a more high end site and it came up in the vacation search at the top of the list. I've booked our home six times so far and have daily inquiries! I hope I can save time for myself!"

- Diana R., Redington Shores Florida

"This week I did a study of all my RESPONSES and BOOKINGS for the last three years and your site came in first on both, thanks."

- Mary C., Oceanside California

"Thanks for your great service. Most of our rentals come through you."

- Julie and Bill, Mendocino, California

"You guys do a lot of business! Signing up with your site was probably the best decision we made concerning our beach house. Thanks for everything."

- Terry and Sue, Galveston, Texas

"Thank you For the past 2 years I have listed my beach home on your website with phenomenal results. I have used other sites, but none compare to the number of leads that I receive from Beachhouse. Off season rentals can be challenging, but you have helped me to fill weeks that would otherwise be empty. Your site is easy to navigate as an owner or renter and it’s very professional in appearance. Whenever I have a question, a member of your staff is prompt with a reply. Keep up the good work!"

- Lola N., St. George Island, Florida

"We started with the end of November of 2003. I received immediate hits on my house. Being on your site has seriously increased the rental of our home in the Bahamas. You offer courteous, prompt service for your homeowners. I am very pleased with the addition of my house to your site. Whatever you are doing to keep your site high on the search engines...keep it's working great! Again, my husband & I say "thanks" !"

- Annie & Jody K., Grand Bahama Island

"I really like your site. is by far one of the best sites out there. You guys have been real good to me. Bless your hearts."

- Jim M., Isle of Palms South Carolina

"You should also know that is now providing us as many leads on a monthly basis as our best and most well known commercial website subscriptions. That is a testament to your search engine placement work. Many new sites, though very professional in appearance, never show up in searches and seldom (some never) provide us with leads. Your site is instrumental in our 90-94% rate of collective occupancy of all our homes over the 52 week year! "

- Larry H., Captiva Island Florida

"Just wanted to take a minute to thank for the wonderful service you provide. Over the past three years, I have been struggling with rental companies not being able to fill my condo at the beach. After one year of service with Beachhouse, I have tripled my gross rental income! The service was easy to set up and simple to maintain. Thanks again. "

- Scott B., North Myrtle Beach South Carolina

" has been an exceptional site to launch our rental program with our beach house rental in Florida. The staff at beachhouse was extremely helpful getting our listing prepared and followed through with any questions we have had along the way. It was so nice to have that personal touch to make our listing just right. Immediately, the first day, we began to receive inquiries about our home. Within 48 hours we had our first booking and within the first month we had a total of 3 weeks of rental. Clearly the investment we made with the ad paid for itself many times over. We highly recommend this site for beach house rentals. "

- Sarah and Mike R., North Captiva Island Florida

"I think your site is one of the best, and I feel I got great response and exposure. "

- Joe L., Point Pleasant Beach New Jersey

" has now become my number one producer of inquiries. And the setup is the easiest. I have great success utilizing their services and I highly recommend them to anyone who wants to increase their number of bookings."

- Greta M., South Carolina

"Your website has been great to me, it's been a good service."

- Susan A., Cape Cod Massachusetts

"I entered my home in the rental market about six months ago. It was listed with and 7 other home rental web sites. To date, has been the best-performing site for me, providing the greatest quantity of quality referrals "

- Daniel H., North Captiva Island Florida

"I receive and respond to a consistent stream of driven inquiries, and am very pleased with the volume and quality of leads that you're sending. The real test-- several of those inquiries have converted to bookings in the last few months."

-Dennis A., San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize

"Thank you for the renewal-we love the service we are receiving. We look forward to another successful year "

- Sue and John M., Ponte Vedra Beach Florida

"The response has been very impressive. In the short time we have listed with we have obtained quite a few bookings. This year we will be around 85 % aiming for 95% next year (is that possible?) . Needless to say we are extremely pleased with the results. Thanks again!"

- Dr. Curt B., Bahamas

"I thought you should hear how impressed I was with the customer support offered by your company. I have also been impressed by the functionality offered by your site and by its effectiveness, for in less than a week I have already had 2 inquiries into my property. However, most importantly, I feel very confident in having my business with you."

- Jennifer S., North Myrtle Beach South Carolina

"I like your site and the service has been really good, thanks."

- Mary C., Oceanside California

"Thank you for reminding me that it is time to renew my listing with I sure do not want to loose it. My check is on its way! You and your assistants have been very helpful in setting the listing up and whenever I needed changes. works great for us. We have had and still have a lot of responses and found quite a few renters through your website. Interestingly enough some were from overseas : England, France and Switzerland . And it gets even better : some will return which is what everyone wishes for. "

- Margarethe T-M., Captiva Island Florida

"We definitely want to renew with We have had more inquiries from you and one other site we are listed with than anyone else. Hardly a day goes by that we don't get two or three inquiries from"

- Renee G., Folly Beach South Carolina

"Compared to the cost of Realtor handled transactions I have saved several hundreds of dollars using your site!"

- Sherri C., Sea Isle City New Jersey

"I love Beachhouse and think you have a great site. You have given me some very nice customers"

-Betha E., Dana Point California

"This web site has been the best thing to happen to us in the form of getting rentals. What ever your doing to get the exposure, please keep it up. We grossed almost 50% more revenue this year than any other year. It has allowed us to pay our maintence expenses and also add new furniture to keep it an inviting property, which we can enjoy also. Thanks for your help."

- Bob D., Myrtle Beach South Carolina

"I've been renting my luxury vacation beach house for several years. Although I subscribe to several sites consistently delivers top quality leads and in most cases they turn into rentals. The tech support is awesome, if you ever need it. If I had to choose only one high quality beach house rental site, it would be"

- Pino B., Hermosa Beach California

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