Warm air meets cool sea breezes in the Greek isle of Santorini(See more beach info here!)

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10 Newest Beach Houses For Rent in Santorini

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Warm air meets cool sea breezes in the Greek isle of Santorini.
Travelers searching for warm weather, fresh sea air, and lush natural beauty have long traveled to Greece's Cyclades islands for fun and relaxation. Intrepid travelers can discover what all the fuss is about by booking a European beach house rental on the volcanic island of Santorini. The island's many beaches are also quite beautiful, with the black pebble beach of Kamari celebrated as an excellent destination for the laid-back traveler.
Santorini is a small island located at the far South of the Cyclades Chain. The island has long been celebrated for its epic views, particularly from the hillside city of Fira and the artist community of Oia. Santorini is home to many cultural sites where you and your family can tap into the history of ancient Greece. Take your family to see Akrotiri, a major archaeological site that features ruins from the Minoan Era. Much like the city of Pompeii in Rome, the town has been well-preserved thanks to a volcanic eruption that buried the settlement back in the mid-second millennium BCE.
Santorini is also a popular destination for a European beach house rentals because of its unique place in the international wine community. Travelers can enjoy the small, but popular wine industry of Santorini by sampling some of the wines produced by the arid island's native Assyrtiko grapes. These help produce white wines with uniquely dry, citrus tastes, and a strong aroma often compared to frankincense.

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