Treasure Island Beach Florida, Pool Wifi Walk to Beach Sleeps

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11921 Sunshine Ln

Treasure Island, Florida 33706

Ad # 524231

Nightly Rates: $199 - 399

 1.0   Sleeps 6

Minimum Stay: 2 nights

Pool: Yes  Sq Ft: 0

Shared Pool

 Pet Friendly: No

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A tropical, private, and secluded oasis between the Marriott and and Sunset Vistas.
Located on the Beach Coast, only a few minutes walk down to the shoreline. - Ideal for your family stay, Two homes side by side on the beach that offer plenty of privacy for your group stay. Essentially a large property with a shared pool, - back yard with Florida Landscaped Garden to grill and visit with family or friends.

The entire property is also available to rent and sleeps 21, Please Inquire.

You are a 30 minute drive from Tampa International Airport, 2 minutes from the famous John's Pass Village on Madeira Beach close to Fishing Charters, Boating, Jet Ski Rentals, Downtown St. Pete, the Historic Fort DeSota Park, Golfing, Dining and more.

Amenities include: Kitchen, Internet, TV, Essentials, Shampoo, Heating, Air Conditioning, Washer, - Dryer, Free Parking on Premises, Wireless Internet, Cable TV, Family/Kid Friendly, Suitable for Events, Indoor, fireplace, Shared Pool, - Smoke Detector, Carbon Monoxide Detector, First Aid Kit, Fire Extinguisher

Beach towels, beach chairs, and umbrellas are provided in the unit.

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Rate Types: N - Nightly, W - Weekly, We - Weekend, Mw - Midweek, M - Monthly
FromToTypeLow Per
Day Rate
High Per
Day Rate
2/9/222/15/22N$299$3992Any Day
2/9/222/15/22W$370$3707Any Day
2/9/222/15/22We$399$3992Any Day
2/9/222/15/22Mw$399$3992Any Day
2/16/222/22/22N$399$3992Any Day
2/16/222/22/22W$399$3997Any Day
2/16/222/22/22We$399$3992Any Day
2/16/222/22/22Mw$399$3992Any Day
3/1/223/7/22N$399$3992Any Day
3/1/223/7/22W$399$3997Any Day
3/1/223/7/22We$399$3992Any Day
3/1/223/7/22Mw$399$3992Any Day
3/8/223/14/22N$399$3992Any Day
3/8/223/14/22W$399$3997Any Day
3/8/223/14/22We$399$3992Any Day
3/8/223/14/22Mw$399$3992Any Day
3/16/223/28/22N$399$3992Any Day
3/16/223/28/22W$399$3997Any Day
3/16/223/28/22We$399$3992Any Day
3/16/223/28/22Mw$399$3992Any Day
3/29/224/4/22N$399$3992Any Day
3/29/224/4/22W$399$3997Any Day
3/29/224/4/22We$399$3992Any Day
3/29/224/4/22Mw$399$3992Any Day
4/5/224/11/22N$399$3992Any Day
4/5/224/11/22W$399$3997Any Day
4/5/224/11/22We$399$3992Any Day
4/5/224/11/22Mw$399$3992Any Day
4/12/224/18/22N$399$3992Any Day
4/12/224/18/22W$399$3997Any Day
4/12/224/18/22We$399$3992Any Day
4/12/224/18/22Mw$399$3992Any Day
4/19/224/25/22N$399$3992Any Day
4/19/224/25/22W$399$3997Any Day
4/19/224/25/22We$399$3992Any Day
4/19/224/25/22Mw$399$3992Any Day
4/26/225/2/22N$299$3992Any Day
4/26/225/2/22W$370$3707Any Day
4/26/225/2/22We$399$3992Any Day
4/26/225/2/22Mw$399$3992Any Day
5/3/225/9/22N$299$2992Any Day
5/3/225/9/22W$299$2997Any Day
5/3/225/9/22We$299$2992Any Day
5/3/225/9/22Mw$299$2992Any Day
5/10/225/16/22N$299$2992Any Day
5/10/225/16/22W$299$2997Any Day
5/10/225/16/22We$299$2992Any Day
5/10/225/16/22Mw$299$2992Any Day
5/17/225/23/22N$299$2992Any Day
5/17/225/23/22W$299$2997Any Day
5/17/225/23/22We$299$2992Any Day
5/17/225/23/22Mw$299$2992Any Day
5/24/225/30/22N$299$3992Any Day
5/24/225/30/22W$342$3427Any Day
5/24/225/30/22We$399$3992Any Day
5/24/225/30/22Mw$299$2992Any Day
5/31/226/6/22N$299$2992Any Day
5/31/226/6/22W$299$2997Any Day
5/31/226/6/22We$299$2992Any Day
5/31/226/6/22Mw$299$2992Any Day
6/7/226/13/22N$299$2992Any Day
6/7/226/13/22W$299$2997Any Day
6/7/226/13/22We$299$2992Any Day
6/7/226/13/22Mw$299$2992Any Day
6/14/226/20/22N$299$3992Any Day
6/14/226/20/22W$356$3567Any Day
6/14/226/20/22We$399$3992Any Day
6/14/226/20/22Mw$299$2992Any Day
6/21/226/27/22N$399$3992Any Day
6/21/226/27/22W$399$3997Any Day
6/21/226/27/22We$399$3992Any Day
6/21/226/27/22Mw$399$3992Any Day
6/28/227/4/22N$399$3992Any Day
6/28/227/4/22W$399$3997Any Day
6/28/227/4/22We$399$3992Any Day
6/28/227/4/22Mw$399$3992Any Day
7/5/227/11/22N$399$3992Any Day
7/5/227/11/22W$399$3997Any Day
7/5/227/11/22We$399$3992Any Day
7/5/227/11/22Mw$399$3992Any Day
7/12/227/18/22N$399$3992Any Day
7/12/227/18/22W$399$3997Any Day
7/12/227/18/22We$399$3992Any Day
7/12/227/18/22Mw$399$3992Any Day
7/19/227/25/22N$399$3992Any Day
7/19/227/25/22W$399$3997Any Day
7/19/227/25/22We$399$3992Any Day
7/19/227/25/22Mw$399$3992Any Day
7/26/228/1/22N$399$3992Any Day
7/26/228/1/22W$399$3997Any Day
7/26/228/1/22We$399$3992Any Day
7/26/228/1/22Mw$399$3992Any Day
8/2/228/8/22N$199$3992Any Day
8/2/228/8/22W$342$3427Any Day
8/2/228/8/22We$399$3992Any Day
8/2/228/8/22Mw$399$3992Any Day
8/9/228/15/22N$199$2492Any Day
8/9/228/15/22W$213$2137Any Day
8/9/228/15/22We$249$2492Any Day
8/9/228/15/22Mw$199$1992Any Day
8/16/228/22/22N$199$2492Any Day
8/16/228/22/22W$213$2137Any Day
8/16/228/22/22We$249$2492Any Day
8/16/228/22/22Mw$199$1992Any Day
8/23/228/29/22N$199$2492Any Day
8/23/228/29/22W$213$2137Any Day
8/23/228/29/22We$249$2492Any Day
8/23/228/29/22Mw$199$1992Any Day
8/30/229/5/22N$199$2992Any Day
8/30/229/5/22W$242$2427Any Day
8/30/229/5/22We$299$2992Any Day
8/30/229/5/22Mw$199$1992Any Day
9/6/229/12/22N$199$2492Any Day
9/6/229/12/22W$213$2137Any Day
9/6/229/12/22We$249$2492Any Day
9/6/229/12/22Mw$199$1992Any Day
9/13/229/19/22N$199$2492Any Day
9/13/229/19/22W$213$2137Any Day
9/13/229/19/22We$249$2492Any Day
9/13/229/19/22Mw$199$1992Any Day
9/20/229/26/22N$199$2492Any Day
9/20/229/26/22W$213$2137Any Day
9/20/229/26/22We$249$2492Any Day
9/20/229/26/22Mw$199$1992Any Day
9/27/2210/3/22N$199$2492Any Day
9/27/2210/3/22W$213$2137Any Day
9/27/2210/3/22We$249$2492Any Day
9/27/2210/3/22Mw$199$1992Any Day
10/4/2210/10/22N$199$2492Any Day
10/4/2210/10/22W$213$2137Any Day
10/4/2210/10/22We$249$2492Any Day
10/4/2210/10/22Mw$199$1992Any Day
10/11/2210/17/22N$199$2492Any Day
10/11/2210/17/22W$213$2137Any Day
10/11/2210/17/22We$249$2492Any Day
10/11/2210/17/22Mw$199$1992Any Day
10/18/2210/24/22N$199$2492Any Day
10/18/2210/24/22W$213$2137Any Day
10/18/2210/24/22We$249$2492Any Day
10/18/2210/24/22Mw$199$1992Any Day
10/25/2210/31/22N$199$2492Any Day
10/25/2210/31/22W$213$2137Any Day
10/25/2210/31/22We$249$2492Any Day
10/25/2210/31/22Mw$199$1992Any Day
11/1/2211/7/22N$199$2492Any Day
11/1/2211/7/22W$213$2137Any Day
11/1/2211/7/22We$249$2492Any Day
11/1/2211/7/22Mw$199$1992Any Day
11/8/2211/14/22N$199$2492Any Day
11/8/2211/14/22W$213$2137Any Day
11/8/2211/14/22We$249$2492Any Day
11/8/2211/14/22Mw$199$1992Any Day
11/15/2211/21/22N$199$2492Any Day
11/15/2211/21/22W$213$2137Any Day
11/15/2211/21/22We$249$2492Any Day
11/15/2211/21/22Mw$199$1992Any Day
11/22/2211/28/22N$249$2992Any Day
11/22/2211/28/22W$270$2707Any Day
11/22/2211/28/22We$299$2992Any Day
11/22/2211/28/22Mw$249$2492Any Day
11/29/2212/5/22N$199$2492Any Day
11/29/2212/5/22W$213$2137Any Day
11/29/2212/5/22We$249$2492Any Day
11/29/2212/5/22Mw$199$1992Any Day
12/6/2212/12/22N$199$2492Any Day
12/6/2212/12/22W$213$2137Any Day
12/6/2212/12/22We$249$2492Any Day
12/6/2212/12/22Mw$199$1992Any Day
12/13/2212/19/22N$199$3992Any Day
12/13/2212/19/22W$313$3137Any Day
12/13/2212/19/22We$399$3992Any Day
12/13/2212/19/22Mw$199$1992Any Day
12/20/2212/26/22N$399$3992Any Day
12/20/2212/26/22W$399$3997Any Day
12/20/2212/26/22We$399$3992Any Day
12/20/2212/26/22Mw$399$3992Any Day

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  • Full Kitchen
  • Refrigerator
  • Coffee Maker
  • Microwave
  • Toaster
  • Cookware
  • Oven/Stove
  • dishwasher
  • Dishsoap
  • Paper Towels
  • Central Air
  • Air Conditioning
  • Ceiling Fans
  • Linens
  • Washer & Dryer
  • Ironing Board
  • High Speed Internet
  • No Phone
  • Outdoor Washer Dryer
  • Hair Dryer
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Shared Pool
  • Treasure Island Boutique Suites
  • Treasure Island
  • Shared Pool
  • Nearby ATM
  • Nearby Post Office
  • Nearby Internet Cafe
  • Nearby FedEx
  • Nearby Bank
  • Area FitnessCenter
  • Nearby Medical Services
  • Nearby Grocery
  • Outlet Shopping
  • Nearby Golf Course
  • Corner Market
  • Restaurants
  • Museums
  • Art Galleries
  • Deck
  • Patio
  • Gas Grill
  • Outdoor Shower
  • Shared Pool
  • Table
  • Chairs
  • Near Beach
  • Johns Pass Boardwalk Nearby
  • Nearby Golf Course
  • Beach Combing
  • Photography
  • Parking
  • Nearby Marina
  • Nearby Local Shops
  • Nearby Playground
  • Nearby Tennis
  • Nearby Fishing
  • Nearby Jet Ski Rentals
  • Nearby Basketball
  • Nearby Deep Sea Fishing Trips
  • Near Beach
  • Close to Town
  • Nearby Boat Rentals
  • Near Bay
  • Cable TV
  • DVD Player
  • Stereo System
  • Wireless Internet
  • Laptop Friendly

Pool: Yes


8. CANCELLATIONS MUST BE MADE IN WRITING. CANCELLATIONS MADE WITHIN 60 DAYS OF ARRIVAL DATE ARE SUBJECT TO TOTAL FORFEITURE OF ALL FEES. CANCELLATIONS MADE PRIOR TO 60 DAYS OF ARRIVAL DATE ARE SUBJECT TO A PENALTY UP TO AND INCLUDING 50% OF THE RESERVATION COST. I authorize my credit card to pay for all damages, missing items, or other costs caused by any member of my party in excess of the coverage of the Damage Waiver Fee. It is your responsibility to inform of any potential problems with your reservation or to make alternate payment arrangements. Any alternate payment arrangements must be in writing and mutually agreed upon by Guest and / Tech Travel LLC – NO EXCEPTIONS. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS FOR ANY REASON within 60 DAYS prior to check in date. By initialing this contract section, you are agreeing to adhere to the cancellation policies above.

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Guest Reviews:
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"Great private oasis near the beach
We are at this location for 3 months so just part way through our stay. it is a great location for extended family, we have 3 generations gathered. Beach is close, owners are very helpful and responsive to our needs, I would return again. Not easy to connect with TechTravel. Management team does not return requested calls as they did in past years."
Feb 03, 2022 - Mary G.

"Family Getaway
We had an amazing time. Location was perfect, accommodations were great. We were able to enjoy the pool and beach daily without feeling crowded. The unit was on a perfect location steps from The Pool and easy access to the beach from backyard. Nice ice cream place across from us. The home was fully equipped and well maintained . The owner was very nice and we were informed on specific steps for check in and check out. We would definitely come back "
Jun 28, 2018 - Eduardo V.

"Not what we expected
The rental itself was cute but there were some downsides to it. The property manger was friendly and the rental was well stocked with useful things. However the beds were very hard and uncomfortable we actually cut our vacation a day short. It was nice having a washer and dryer but did not enjoy that they were outside of the house. The walk was short to the beach but the houses you had to walk by were a little “rough”. There was an ice cream shack right by the house which was fun. "
Jun 09, 2018 -

"Perfect family beach house
Stayed 3 nights, perfect for a family of 5 with 3 small children. The pool and patio area are shared spaces with other renters, but we we able to enjoy it all by ourselves. Clean and quaint. We were greeted by Allison who gave us a quick tour of the unit. Kitchen was stocked with essentials.We also made use of the grill. All we had to bring was our own groceries! The unit even had board games and netflix and a stereo system for indoor entertainment. Super easy to access the beach and literally steps from the ice cream shop."
May 16, 2018 - Gracielle T.

"Great Location!
Awesome location, steps from the beach, semi-private pool and an ice cream shop 25 steps away. Perfect for a family of 4."
Apr 30, 2018 - Donnie W., Decatur, GA

"Treasure Island Beach girl's rental
A small group of us girls rented the unit and we had a wonderful time. We really liked the location that we could walk to the beach and also to bars & restaurants. It's a cute, comfortable place. We really enjoyed the pool right outside our door too!"
Apr 17, 2018 - Debra H.

"Fallacious property description and unprofessional service
The property description is fallacious. It reads private pool which was the reason I bookef the property.
I am a person with a disability and was looking for more privacy.
When I found out about the fact that the pool was 2 steps outside our unit shared amongst 6 parties, I contacted the owner.
He never responded. I reached an associate of his to explore options to switch properties. She said it is not possible because they are fully booked out. I asked whether we can shorten our stay to 1-2 days to allow them to find a new renter - since she emphasized it is high season and all is booked. She did not want to even accomodate. I asked to check with the owner and her response was “he will likely not respond”.
We never checked in. They charged us full price and ALL fees.
Service cannot get worse."
Mar 08, 2018 - , Boston, MA

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Vacation Rental Beach House in Treasure Island, Florida

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