Beach Home For Sale

2426 Mechanic, Galveston

2  2.0    Sq Ft: 2004  

Beach Home For Sale

1224 32nd Street, Galveston

3  3.0    Sq Ft: 1259  
Acres: 0.059  

Beach Commercial For Sale

6911 Stewart Road, Galveston

 2.0    Sq Ft: 1976  

Beach Commercial For Sale

6006 Broadway Street, Galveston

 1.0    Sq Ft: 600  

Beach Townhome/Townhouse For Sale

17711 Termini San Luis Pass Road, Galveston

3  3.0    Sq Ft: 1478  

Beach Home For Sale

1312 35th Street, Galveston

2  1.0    Sq Ft: 896  
Acres: 0.044  

Beach Commercial For Sale

6702 Oleander Avenue, Galveston

 2.0    Sq Ft: 3240  

Beach Home For Sale

16527 Mansvelt Road, Galveston

3  2.0    Sq Ft: 1328  
Acres: 0.201  

Beach Home For Sale

1326 24th Street, Galveston

2  1.0    Sq Ft: 1204  
Acres: 0.056  

Beach Home Sale Pending

4400 S 1/2 Ave, Galveston

3  3.0    Sq Ft: 1404  
Acres: 0.110  

Beach Home For Sale

3228 Ave L, Galveston

4  3.0    Sq Ft: 3362  
Acres: 0.198  
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Galveston - Reasons to Buy Real Estate Here

Where can I buy a beach house in Texas?
Galveston has very affordable home prices where the median is just over $220,000, which is only 10% higher than the average property price in Texas.

Is it a good real estate investment to buy a beach house in Galveston?
Currently this is a seller's market and is considered one of the hottest markets in Texas. Home prices have risen the past year by 3.6%. The forecast is that home prices will continue to increase by 1%.

Galveston, Texas is a beach town that has been overshadowed by much larger cities like Houston. Yet it is much more affordable than other Gulf Coast cities. Galveston is know as one of Texas' top tourist destinations. It is a coastal resort city with sandy beaches and a rich cultural heritage.

The Galveston tourism sector is a major contributor to the local local economy bringing in millions of dollars every year. The city of Galveston is home to less than a hundred thousand people. However, the Houston metro area has expanded so that its suburbs like Sugarland are part of the larger metro area. Today, Galveston Bay is encompassed by Greater Houston.
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