Waterfront Home For Sale

22621 Bay Point Drive, Galveston

3  5.0    Sq Ft: 2942  
Acres: 0.307  

Waterfront Home For Sale

10525 San Luis Pass Road, Galveston

1  2.0    Sq Ft: 1413  

Waterfront Condo For Sale

675 Tiki Drive, Galveston

2  3.0    Sq Ft: 1434  

Waterfront Home For Sale

21820 Deaf P Smith Drive, Galveston

4  4.0    Sq Ft: 1812  
Acres: 0.140  

Waterfront Home For Sale

12832 E Camino Famoso, Galveston

4  3.0    Sq Ft: 2600  
Acres: 0.234  

Waterfront Home For Sale

3110 Road Less Traveled, Galveston

5  3.0    Sq Ft: 2652  
Acres: 0.292  

Waterfront Lot For Sale

11712 Sportsman Road, Galveston

 Sq Ft: 13692  
Acres: 0.314  

Waterfront Home For Sale

21731 Matagorda Drive, Galveston

2  2.0    Sq Ft: 1828  
Acres: 0.145  

Waterfront Condo For Sale

26943 Bay Water Drive, Galveston

3  3.0    Sq Ft: 1717  

Waterfront Home For Sale

22123 Zapata Drive, Galveston

3  2.0    Sq Ft: 912  
Acres: 0.081  

Waterfront Condo For Sale

26934 Bay Water Drive, Galveston

2  2.0    Sq Ft: 1055  

Waterfront Home For Sale

7700 Seawall Blvd, Galveston

2  2.0    Sq Ft: 983  
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Galveston - Reasons to Buy Real Estate Here

Galveston is home to 32 miles of stunning Texas shoreline. There's a piece waiting just for you! Galveston has warm water 7-8 months out of the year and gets down to about 60 degrees (F) at its coldest, or up to 87 degrees at its warmest.

Beaches in Galveston are well-maintained, combed for seaweed and laden with fine, greyish sand. In recent years, Galveston has also developed Crystal Beach, a large white sand beach on the Bolivar Peninsula.

Where can I buy a beach house in Texas?
We have many listings right here on BeachHouse.com! Call Tracy Nowlin at 409-682-4618. Galveston has very affordable home prices where the median is just around $280,000, which is only 10% higher than the average property price in Texas.

Is it a good real estate investment to buy a beach house in Galveston?
Currently this is a seller's market and is considered one of the hottest markets in Texas. Home prices have risen the past year by 3.6%. The forecast is that home prices will continue to increase by 1%.

Galveston, Texas is a beach town that has been overshadowed by much larger cities like Houston. Yet it is much more affordable than other Gulf Coast cities. Galveston is know as one of Texas' top tourist destinations. It is a coastal resort city with sandy beaches and a rich cultural heritage.


The Galveston tourism sector is a major contributor to the local local economy bringing in millions of dollars every year. The city of Galveston is home to less than a hundred thousand people. However, the Houston metro area has expanded so that its suburbs like Sugarland are part of the larger metro area. Today, Galveston Bay is encompassed by Greater Houston.


Galveston Island has a lengthy and interesting history. Established as a Mexican port immediately after gaining independence from Spain, the port would change hands four times over the next four decades. It was the main port for the Texan Navy during its own revolution, and even briefly served as the capital of Texas.

Galveston boomed in the late 19th century and became one of the largest cotton ports in the country, and at one point rivaled New Orleans in its importance to trade. What's more, the infamous pirate Jean LaFitte headquartered his smuggling operation on Galveston Island from 1817-1820, and rumors of buried treasure still bring eager metal-detector waving visitors today.


In fact, ear the end of the 19th century, the population of the island reached about 37,000, and today is just over 53,000.

Housing Costs

Galveston is a competitive housing market, with homes selling on average in about 10 days. Additionally, the year-over-year home price is trending up by 29%, with the median home cost around 280k as of June 2022.


Galveston has a mild island climate. Its hottest month is August, where the average temperature is 85 degrees (F), while the coldest is 56 degrees in January. Temperatures rarely exceed 90 degrees, and rarely go below 50 degrees. The average temperature is a comfortable 71 degrees. With 203 days of sun and 101 days of precipitation (50 inches), Galveston has normal sunshine and has slightly more rain than the average US City.
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