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Ocean view oasis in Cedar by the Sea,one block form the beach Oce Jul 19, 2019
World Class Oceanfront in Mill Bay! Arguably one of the most spec Jul 19, 2019
Lovely Cordova Bay home with the most amazing views of the ocean Jul 19, 2019
The finest ocean, Coast Mountain and Gulf Islands views Welcome t Jul 19, 2019
Waterfront property featuring beautiful flower gardens Welcome to Jul 18, 2019
Waterfront Villa with extensive patios and yard space! The perfec Jul 18, 2019
770 Beechwood Drive, Mayne Island $2,599,000 Waterfront Acreage T Jul 18, 2019
West Coast Vancouver Island Wilderness Oceanfront Acreage 7.52-ac Jul 18, 2019
Stunning Waterfront Home You will not want to wait to see this st Jul 18, 2019
Waterfront at it's finest! Enjoy watching the sea life from your Jul 18, 2019