3. Destin, FL

A traditional beach vacation books during the summer months, from late may to mid August. For many of us, finding a good booking in September can be like finding money on the ground. Just because the “season” is over, though, doesn’t mean there’s nowhere in the world to go on vacation. Here’s five amazing places to visit in off season. It goes without saying that these 5 great locations can be enjoyed with a beach house rental from BeachHouse.com.

3. Destin, FL

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Florida holds a unique place in vacation rentals because many destinations have two busy seasons. In the summer, Florida is a tourist destination. It’s tropical, it’s fun, there’s a lot to do and it’s a heck of a lot nicer than just about any other place during the summer. After Christmas, Florida is home to the snowbirds who migrate down in waves from the frigid north and settle in beach homes up and down the coast.

The only time it’s not super busy is from September – November. During these months Florida cools off, humidity drops below 80%, and the beaches clear out. Here in the “dead zone” between winter and summer seasons, you and your family can finally discover the “real” Florida.

Destin is the perfect place to pick in a September vacation in Florida. The city hosts a month-long concert series at the Harbor Walk, an annual kite festival in late September, and a seafood festival at the end of the month. There are huge beaches, quality golf, fun attractions for the whole family. It’s just like Destin in the summer, only without high prices or big crowds.

Here are just a few of the hot properties from BeachHouse.com in Destin with travel deals for August and September.
Ocean Cabana
Island Obsession – New 9-bed/8-bath W/private Pool – Gulf View!
5 O’clock Somewhere – Large Private Pool, Elevator

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  1. This is a great article! Renting a beach house in Destin Florida and enjoying the beautiful white sand has always been on our bucket list. We Love BeachHouse.Com and look forward to find great deals on beach house rentals as we travel the coasts of the US.

    Thanks George & Marie P, Kansas City