#1 Jamaica

All week we’ve been discussing good candidates for a vacation in off season. Many vacation hot spots are just as beautiful until late October, but experience a drop-off in tourist traffic, making for a more private experience. Just because the “season” is over, though, doesn’t mean there’s nowhere in the world to go on vacation. Here comes our #1 favorite spot to vacation after Labor Day!

View beach rentals in the Caribbean

Maybe it’s the obvious choice but if you’ve never vacationed in the Caribbean Islands you’re missing out. It’s warm, and sunny, the water is blue and clear, the fish are colorful (and delicious) and the drinks are cheap and plentiful. Stay at one of the waterfront villas offered through our site in Bluefields Bay, and save on rent and air fare when booking your trip!

Rates are much cheaper after Labor Day because the rainy season starts in late September. That being said, the “rainy season” in Jamaica is characterized by brief, warm-water afternoon showers, which don’t get much more severe until late October or November.

The waters in Jamaica are warm and calm, perfect for swimming and kayaking. Explore a tropical paradise when you hike on the island, golf at its incredible resorts, explore duty-free shopping centers, ride horseback on the beach, and discover the culture and history of Jamaica. At our Bluefields Bay villas you can enjoy complete white-glove service – helpful villa staff will pick you up from the airport, cook your meals, clean your home, and take of the whole family while you enjoy the ultimate caribbean vacation – at a huge discounted rate.

Book a trip to Bluefields Bay today! If you don’t you’ll really regret it!

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