4. Dillon Beach, CA

A traditional beach vacation books during the summer months, from late may to mid August. For many of us, finding a good booking in September can be like finding money on the ground. Just because the “season” is over, though, doesn’t mean there’s nowhere in the world to go on vacation. Here’s five amazing places to visit in off season. It goes without saying that these 5 great locations can be enjoyed with a beach house rental from BeachHouse.com.

4. Dillon Beach, CA

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Dillon Beach is a cute little community of big, beautiful beachside homes about an 90 minutes north of San Francisco. It’s got good surfing and a quiet, “away from it all” aesthetic. In off season you can enjoy uncrowded beaches with enticing surf, starry nights and perfect sunsets. Things cool off in the evenings and it will be closer to 50 degrees at night, but after September Dillon beach is clean, quiet, secluded, and drop-dead gorgeous.

Not to say that there’s nothing to do but enjoy the serene beauty of the place. Dillon Beach is an hour’s drive away from the Muir Woods, one of those “so perfect you just have to see it or you’re missing out” kind of places. Between Dillon Beach and the redwoods, you can find places to surf, swim, kayak, fish, and sail. You can relax at local spas, golf, and ride horses. If you’re not local to California, this is the closest you’ll ever be to Wine Country. If you’re in Dillon Beach, Sonoma and Napa Valley are your backyard.

The place is perfectly decadent and, after September 3rd, perfectly private.

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