Beach Home For Sale

620 Sand Key Dr, Port Aransas

2  1.0    Sq Ft: 945  
Acres: 0.120  

Beach Home Sale Pending

15102 Leeward Dr, Corpus Christi

3  3.0    Sq Ft: 1590  
Acres: 0.060  

Beach Home For Sale

309 Pebble Beach Dr, Portland

3  3.0    Sq Ft: 2276  
Acres: 0.190  

Beach Home Sale Pending

237 Palmer Dr, Portland

4  2.0    Sq Ft: 1861  
Acres: 0.160  

Beach Home Sale Pending

505 Poenisch Dr, Corpus Christi

5  4.0    Sq Ft: 2326  
Acres: 0.230  

Beach Home For Sale

1602 Prairie St, Fulton

3  2.0    Sq Ft: 1814  
Acres: 1.100  

Beach Townhome/Townhouse Sale Pending

14202 Encantada Ave, Corpus Christi

3  4.0    Sq Ft: 1700  
Acres: 0.050  

Beach Home Sale Pending

318 Glenmore St, Corpus Christi

3  2.0    Sq Ft: 2221  
Acres: 0.620  

Waterfront Beach Home For Sale

13626 Camino De Oro Ct, Corpus Christi

4  3.0    Sq Ft: 1787  

Waterfront Beach Home Sale Pending

13550 Ducat Ct, Corpus Christi

3  3.0    Sq Ft: 1714  
Acres: 0.140  

Beach Townhome/Townhouse Sale Pending

14878 Granada Dr, Corpus Christi

3  3.0    Sq Ft: 1640  
Acres: 0.070  

Beach Home Sale Pending

3026 Oakdale Crossing Ct, Corpus Christi

4  2.0    Sq Ft: 1931  
Acres: 0.230  

Beach Home For Sale

3025 Las Brisas St, Corpus Christi

3  2.0    Sq Ft: 1800  
Acres: 0.140  

Beach Commercial For Sale

1803 SW State Hwy 361, Corpus Christi

 0.0    Sq Ft: 5050  
Acres: 14.000  

Beach Home For Sale

214 Augusta Dr, Portland

4  3.0    Sq Ft: 2652  
Acres: 0.400  

Beach Home For Sale

626 Philomena Dr, Corpus Christi

4  2.0    Sq Ft: 2365  
Acres: 0.200  

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Texas - Reasons to Buy Real Estate Here

Where can I buy Beach Real Estate in Texas?
Browse these listings for beachfront property in Galveston, Rockport, Crystal Beach and many more cities. New listings added daily!

Why should I invest in Texas beachfront property?
Some of the most affordable investment beach towns are located in Texas' Gulf Coast, namely Port Aransas with 18 beachfront miles on Mustang Island, where the average 50-foot Gulf front lot costs less than $1 million, well below the $4 to $5 million-plus average found in coastal California and Florida.

Buying a beach house can provide you with a reliable income stream, a profitable return on investment, and access to your favorite vacation spot. Many beach house investors purchase homes that they can rent out during peak tourism times. A beach house owner in Texas might make his house available to rent from October through March when residents of colder states crave sunshine. You could possibly make enough money during your rental season to cover your expenses for the rest of the year, which is effectively living in the house for free during the off season. Just remember to include the marketing costs and property management, if you plan on renting your beach house. There's also the possibility of needing to pay for legal costs associated with tenant disputes.

Keep in mind that homeowner's insurance on a beach house can be several times more expensive that a regular home. This is often due to mandatory flood insurance, hurricane damage, etc.