Manzanillo – Que Bonita!

Manzanillo, Mexico is a wonderful destination located in the state of Colima. It is a coastal city on the Pacific side with the busiest port in Mexico. However, despite its commercial importance, it has retained its tranquil laid-back Mexican charm.

The port of Manzanillo is made up of two separate bays, divided by the Peninsula of Santiago. On the left is the Bay of Santiago, followed by a smaller notched-out area, known as Playa Audiencia and on the right-hand side, is the Bay of Manzanillo. Both bays are more than five miles long and offer a variety of water sports activities.

Manzanillo is replete with pristine, breathtaking beaches that are undeniably the most beautiful on the western coast of Mexico. Manzanillo is a perfect vacation spot for people that want to get-away-from-it-all and immerse themselves in the best of Mexican beauty and natural charms.  The best way to experience the local way of life is to rent a beach house!

In the north side of Manzanillo, the tourist zone offers exclusive gift shops, cultural stores, travel agencies, tour operators, authentic restaurants and beautiful beaches including Playa de Oro, Playa L’Recif, and La Boquita. In addition, the renowned seafood in Manzanillo is scrumptious and fresh due to the vast fishing culture of the city. Start out your delicious seafood lunch with a shrimp cocktail or fresh oysters and clams caught that morning by the local fishermen. You can also choose from a varied menu of seafood for the main course, such as shrimp, filet of dorado, red snapper, or lobster. While enjoying the delicious food in the vibrant town of Manzanillo, you can have the strolling musicians play you a few Mariachi tunes.

There is a vast variety of activities for vacationers that include playing water sports, fishing, golfing, and enjoying the nightlife. Surfing, scuba diving, swimming, banana boat rides, and snorkeling are very popular in this town and Manzanillo also has two of the top golf courses in Mexico. The city is known as the “sailfish capital of the world” with year-round excursions available for sport fishing.

Tours are available of the city and of the historic state of Colima. It’s a great place to shop too—there are stores ranging from upscale to local vendors that you can bargain with for hammocks, toys and authentic jewelry.

Manzanillo is a cultural, relaxing and enjoyable place to visit for vacationers. It is undeniably a must-see for vacationers planning a trip to Mexico.

5 thoughts on “Manzanillo – Que Bonita!

  1. I took a car trip a few years ago from Guadalajara to Manzanillo… really great, and got to see the volcano outside of Colima steaming on top… arrriving in Manzanillo was so refreshing!! – I highly recommend visiting there!!!

  2. Hi, My name is Ed and I live in Idaho.I want to find a nice place in MX. to visit and maybe live 6-7 moths of the year.Can I live there on a fixed income of $1400/mo?I am 65 and live alone.I like a fish drink a few beers and generally relax.I manzanillo a place for me,or maybe colima.I understand that crime is low in this area of Mx.Can you give me some advise to this are3a of Mx.Thank you for your help,Ed.

  3. I have been to Manzanillo and the town is gorgeous! To me, it is a perfect depiction of real Mexico – I found it not too touristy and thought that it really showed the culture and the wonderful people of Mexico.

    I would recommend stopping by the Le Kliff restaurant (just north of Manzanillo on the way towards Puerto Vallarta) about an hour before sunset one of the days – it is a great spot to have dinner and a drink and you can’t beat the 180-degree views of the Pacific from their dining area. My family goes there each time we are in the area (

    Audiencia Beach (where all the beach scenes from the movie “10,” with Bo Derek and Dudley Moore were filmed!) is one of the less crowded beaches in the area. There are chairs and
    umbrellas there for you and the restaurant will serve you lunch and drinks on the sand.

    If you don’t have a place to stay yet, here are some great beach house rentals:

  4. I have been going to Manzanillo for over 40 years since I was 10. The beach in the photo is Playa Audiencia which is great place to swim and relax, have a beer or two and a bite to eat. If you want to surf or boogie board the beach to go to would be north on the other side of the Peninsula you see in the picture. That would be Playa Santiago which is more open and less protected and made for catching a few waves. It’s only a 10 minute drive from Playa Audiencia which is calm and protected and made for swimming and floating. It is also a favorite of the locals that may not be great swimmers and feel more safe there.

  5. Maybe you could make changes to the post name Manzanillo – Que Bonita! to something more specific for your webpage you write. I enjoyed the blog post withal.