5 Best Places to Watch the Sunset in Savannah

By Emilio Rodriguez

Savannah sunset

After a long day on the beach or checking out the many historical spots in the area, why not end the day watching the sunset over drinks and some amazing food? As the city with the best scenery in Georgia, you’ll want to enjoy all the area has to offer at these five best places to watch the sunset in Savannah:

1. Savannah Riverfront

Plenty of rooftop bars offer a prime spot for catching the most beautiful sunsets in the city. Enjoy specially craft cocktails along with appetizers as you watch the sun fall over the horizon. The colors play off of the reflection of the Savannah River making this a popular spot. The view of the Talmadge Memorial Bridge makes it a photo-worthy experience. This is also the best place to spot a rainbow after a brief shower. Book a Savannah GA Beach House here!

2. South Beach on Tybee Island

Savannah Riverfront

The sun may set in the West but that doesn’t mean you can’t watch a gorgeous sunset from the beach near Savannah. Take a 20-minute drive to Tybee Island to enjoy the sunset that sparkles over the water and sandy beach. Take a stroll down the beach in the waning sunlight for a romantic, and free, date night. Buying or renting a beach house on Tybee Island allows you to watch this amazing scene from the comfort of your patio.

3. Route 17 Marshes

If you drive down Route 17 south of Savannah at sunset you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the beauty on display. You’ll find beautiful colors in the background of many small area marshes that provide a beautiful reflection of color and majesty. Tall trees will scrape the sky and provide the perfect atmosphere for a peaceful view of all that Savannah nature has to offer.

4. Savannah Riverboat Cruise

Savannah Riverfront

Instead of being on the edge of the river why not be on the river to watch the sun go down? Enjoy the different Savannah Riverboat Cruises that offer a special sunset cruise every night. Guests will enjoy two hours on the river on one of the boat decks and get a prime spot to view the end of day. Music is included and drinks and food options are available for onboard as well.

5. Coco’s Sunset Grille

Savannah Riverfront

If you’re looking for a spot that provides a more laid back atmosphere for sunset viewing, look no further than Coco’s Sunset Grille located south of Tybee Island. This restaurant sits on the shores of Lazaretto Creek in the marina. They offer amazing views of the river as well as a few boats with a backdrop of beautiful sunsets every night.

Catching the sunset in the Savannah area is the perfect way to end the day and get ready for an exciting evening exploring more of the city.

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Emilio Rodriguez began photographing his native Southwest with his parents’ Polaroid OneStep in the 1980s. He’s gone digital and roams far and wide now, but still stops for every good sunset. He and his wife bought an RV in 2003, and have been circling the country ever since.

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