2. Newport Beach, CA

A traditional beach vacation books during the summer months, from late may to mid August. For many of us, finding a good booking in September can be like finding money on the ground. Just because the “season” is over, though, doesn’t mean there’s nowhere in the world to go on vacation. Here’s five amazing places to visit in off season. It goes without saying that these 5 great locations can be enjoyed with a beach house rental from BeachHouse.com.

2. Newport Beach

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There’s no such thing as “Winter” in Southern California. Even into January and February it won’t get colder in Newport Beach than 60 degrees in the shade. September in Newport is just as sunny and warm as every other of the year.

The only difference is it costs half as much.

A diligent vacationer can book a Newport Beach vacation in September and November for ½ to ¼ the price of summer rates. During this time they’ll have the city more or less to themselves. Parking, a nightmare during the busy season, is readily available, and you can still see and experience everything Newport Beach has to offer: the waterfront villas, the kayaking, sailing, fine dining in Newport and Corona Del Mar, the best shopping malls California has to offer at Fashion Island, and the best weather of the California Coast, year round.

Did I mention it’s 20 minutes’ drive from Disneyland? Talk about a dream vacation!

Here are a couple beach homes in Newport Beach with travel deals:
Beautifully Remodeled Beachside Location
Sand and Surf

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