Some History on the Chickee

Seminole Indians gathered under a chickee

Seminole Indians gathered under a chickee

“Chickee” is the word Seminoles use for “house.”  The first Seminoles to live in North Florida are known to have constructed log cabin-type homes, some two stories tall, with sleeping quarters upstairs.  The chickee style of architecture – palmetto thatch over a cypress log frame – was born during 3669333433_d791d04913the early 1800s when Seminole Indians, pursued by U.S. troops, needed fast, disposable shelter while on the run.  Though indigenous peoples in other parts of North and South America have developed similar dwellings, it is generally agreed that the Seminole Indian technique and product are far superior.  So popular, efficient and functional is the chickee that such Seminole architecture can be seen all over South Florida.  The chickee structure should last about ten years and needs to be re-thatched every five years.  Several Seminole Tribal members make a living building custom chickees for both commercial and private interests.

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  1. Here is California we don’t have a lot of the kind of “beach architecture”. Here we go from wood-burning fires in cabins along the dramatic north coast to windowed “Hollywood” view homes as you go south.

    This reminds me of the kinds of structures you find in tropical climates – all round the world!

    If I had it my way, I’d have a home on the west AND east coast and simply travel between the two! Nice bit of information on the Seminoles as well!

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