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Waterfront Vacation Rental Beach Villa in Playa Grande

3   3.0   Sleeps: 10  
Pool: Yes Private Pool   Pets: No
Nightly Rate: $500-$1,000  
Minimum Stay: 3 nights

Playa Grande - Beach Information - Fun Things to Do - Tips

Playa Grande is a rare place where adventure and tranquility exist in perfect harmony. Along the north coast of the Nicoya Peninsula lies a quiet beach town, so great that leatherback turtles come here to lay their eggs each year, so beautiful that Costa Rica laid down the law protecting it as a national park, that its peaceful allure may never be lost.

Costa Rica The crystal blue waters are so clear they can trick the mind into believing that the horizon simply reached up and joined the sky. Although it has been made part of the Marina Las Baulas Parque Nacional, it is still open to the public. The town lies just inland from the pristine beach, which is just a short boat ride from the ever-bustling Playa Tamarindo, should your wild side awaken.
The beach is well-known for its idyllic surfing conditions, and offers surfing opportunities as well as lessons for everyone from world-class to beginner. Visitors can also follow a short path up the beach to nearby Playa Ventanas, for calmer waters inside a small bay, perfect for swimmers or snorkelers, and beautiful spot to watch the sun set. A relaxing kayak trip through the sneaky-beautiful mangrove in the nearby protected estuary will make you feel like a true explorer, as you will encounter all sorts of exotic species along the way. Playa Grande is just north of the lively town of Tamarindo, which also presents a world of activity, for any age or interest.
Although Playa Grande has its own fair share of excellent restaurants, like the lovely El Huerto de Playa Grande and The Great Waltini's, the 15-minute trip to the palate's paradise of Tamarindo is well worth it. Nogui's is a uniquely Costa Rican experience, and a local favorite. Although you'd be hard pressed to find a truly bad view in all of Tamarindo, Panga's Beach Club is a breathtaking spot and a very popular destination to enjoy a seaside sunset meal in a perfect spot.Costa Rica
Costa Rica, whose name literally means, the "rich coast", is a truly unique country, nestled in the always-tropical southern tip of Central America. The beauty of Costa Rica is in a class of its own. With a total of 912 miles of coastline, spread amongst the Caribbean to the east and the mighty pacific to the west, it comes as no surprise that Costa Rica touts a litany of both divine beaches and beachfront property.
Costa Rica's diversity extends beyond its oceans, however. If you're a fan of natural beauty, Costa Rica will never disappoint you. The geography ranges from mountains to volcanoes, lakes, rivers, and jungles boasting the greatest species density in the world (Yes, more than the Amazon).
Your get-away awaits. The thing about a secret this sweet is that it's seldom kept for long. Reserve your own bit of beachfront beauty today.