Treasure Island North Beach Home With Pool - Sleeps 6 Wifi

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11925 Sunshine Ln

Treasure Island, Florida 33706

Ad # 627929

Nightly Rates: $199 - 499

 1.5   Sleeps 6

Minimum Stay: 2 nights

Pool: Yes  Sq Ft: 0

Shared Pool

 Pet Friendly: No

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A tropical, private, and secluded oasis between the Marriott and and Sunset Vistas.
Jungle Beach Bungalow Just Steps to the Sand

Step back in time to Florida’s tropical paradise in this unique jungle beach house. - The circa 1930 cedar shake home has been fully renovated with modern features, island decor and chic rustic/nautical touches. - Relax on the over-sized deck and be amazed by the largest tree still standing on the island. - This vacation spot is unlike any other on the beach as your senses will be filled with lush beauty, the historic charm and seaside serenity. - Enjoy the comfort of the two bedrooms, one and half bath layout suitable for up to six people. - A truly pleasant spot for families or travelers who enjoy the flavor of old Florida island living.

Rate Types: N - Nightly, W - Weekly, We - Weekend, Mw - Midweek, M - Monthly
FromToTypeLow Per
Day Rate
High Per
Day Rate
2/9/222/15/22N$299$4992Any Day
2/9/222/15/22W$442$4427Any Day
2/9/222/15/22We$499$4992Any Day
2/9/222/15/22Mw$499$4992Any Day
2/16/222/22/22N$499$4992Any Day
2/16/222/22/22W$499$4997Any Day
2/16/222/22/22We$499$4992Any Day
2/16/222/22/22Mw$499$4992Any Day
3/1/223/7/22N$499$4992Any Day
3/1/223/7/22W$499$4997Any Day
3/1/223/7/22We$499$4992Any Day
3/1/223/7/22Mw$499$4992Any Day
3/8/223/14/22N$499$4992Any Day
3/8/223/14/22W$499$4997Any Day
3/8/223/14/22We$499$4992Any Day
3/8/223/14/22Mw$499$4992Any Day
3/16/223/28/22N$499$4992Any Day
3/16/223/28/22W$499$4997Any Day
3/16/223/28/22We$499$4992Any Day
3/16/223/28/22Mw$499$4992Any Day
3/29/224/4/22N$499$4992Any Day
3/29/224/4/22W$499$4997Any Day
3/29/224/4/22We$499$4992Any Day
3/29/224/4/22Mw$499$4992Any Day
4/5/224/11/22N$499$4992Any Day
4/5/224/11/22W$499$4997Any Day
4/5/224/11/22We$499$4992Any Day
4/5/224/11/22Mw$499$4992Any Day
4/12/224/18/22N$499$4992Any Day
4/12/224/18/22W$499$4997Any Day
4/12/224/18/22We$499$4992Any Day
4/12/224/18/22Mw$499$4992Any Day
4/19/224/25/22N$499$4992Any Day
4/19/224/25/22W$499$4997Any Day
4/19/224/25/22We$499$4992Any Day
4/19/224/25/22Mw$499$4992Any Day
4/26/225/2/22N$299$4992Any Day
4/26/225/2/22W$442$4427Any Day
4/26/225/2/22We$499$4992Any Day
4/26/225/2/22Mw$499$4992Any Day
5/3/225/9/22N$299$2992Any Day
5/3/225/9/22W$299$2997Any Day
5/3/225/9/22We$299$2992Any Day
5/3/225/9/22Mw$299$2992Any Day
5/10/225/16/22N$299$2992Any Day
5/10/225/16/22W$299$2997Any Day
5/10/225/16/22We$299$2992Any Day
5/10/225/16/22Mw$299$2992Any Day
5/17/225/23/22N$299$2992Any Day
5/17/225/23/22W$299$2997Any Day
5/17/225/23/22We$299$2992Any Day
5/17/225/23/22Mw$299$2992Any Day
5/24/225/30/22N$299$4992Any Day
5/24/225/30/22W$385$3857Any Day
5/24/225/30/22We$499$4992Any Day
5/24/225/30/22Mw$299$2992Any Day
5/31/226/6/22N$299$2992Any Day
5/31/226/6/22W$299$2997Any Day
5/31/226/6/22We$299$2992Any Day
5/31/226/6/22Mw$299$2992Any Day
6/7/226/13/22N$299$2992Any Day
6/7/226/13/22W$299$2997Any Day
6/7/226/13/22We$299$2992Any Day
6/7/226/13/22Mw$299$2992Any Day
6/14/226/20/22N$299$4992Any Day
6/14/226/20/22W$413$4137Any Day
6/14/226/20/22We$499$4992Any Day
6/14/226/20/22Mw$299$2992Any Day
6/21/226/27/22N$499$4992Any Day
6/21/226/27/22W$499$4997Any Day
6/21/226/27/22We$499$4992Any Day
6/21/226/27/22Mw$499$4992Any Day
6/28/227/4/22N$499$4992Any Day
6/28/227/4/22W$499$4997Any Day
6/28/227/4/22We$499$4992Any Day
6/28/227/4/22Mw$499$4992Any Day
7/5/227/11/22N$499$4992Any Day
7/5/227/11/22W$499$4997Any Day
7/5/227/11/22We$499$4992Any Day
7/5/227/11/22Mw$499$4992Any Day
7/12/227/18/22N$499$4992Any Day
7/12/227/18/22W$499$4997Any Day
7/12/227/18/22We$499$4992Any Day
7/12/227/18/22Mw$499$4992Any Day
7/19/227/25/22N$499$4992Any Day
7/19/227/25/22W$499$4997Any Day
7/19/227/25/22We$499$4992Any Day
7/19/227/25/22Mw$499$4992Any Day
7/26/228/1/22N$499$4992Any Day
7/26/228/1/22W$499$4997Any Day
7/26/228/1/22We$499$4992Any Day
7/26/228/1/22Mw$499$4992Any Day
8/2/228/8/22N$199$4992Any Day
8/2/228/8/22W$413$4137Any Day
8/2/228/8/22We$499$4992Any Day
8/2/228/8/22Mw$499$4992Any Day
8/9/228/15/22N$199$2492Any Day
8/9/228/15/22W$213$2137Any Day
8/9/228/15/22We$249$2492Any Day
8/9/228/15/22Mw$199$1992Any Day
8/16/228/22/22N$199$2492Any Day
8/16/228/22/22W$213$2137Any Day
8/16/228/22/22We$249$2492Any Day
8/16/228/22/22Mw$199$1992Any Day
8/23/228/29/22N$199$2492Any Day
8/23/228/29/22W$213$2137Any Day
8/23/228/29/22We$249$2492Any Day
8/23/228/29/22Mw$199$1992Any Day
8/30/229/5/22N$199$2992Any Day
8/30/229/5/22W$242$2427Any Day
8/30/229/5/22We$299$2992Any Day
8/30/229/5/22Mw$199$1992Any Day
9/6/229/12/22N$199$2492Any Day
9/6/229/12/22W$213$2137Any Day
9/6/229/12/22We$249$2492Any Day
9/6/229/12/22Mw$199$1992Any Day
9/13/229/19/22N$199$2492Any Day
9/13/229/19/22W$213$2137Any Day
9/13/229/19/22We$249$2492Any Day
9/13/229/19/22Mw$199$1992Any Day
9/20/229/26/22N$199$2492Any Day
9/20/229/26/22W$213$2137Any Day
9/20/229/26/22We$249$2492Any Day
9/20/229/26/22Mw$199$1992Any Day
9/27/2210/3/22N$199$2492Any Day
9/27/2210/3/22W$213$2137Any Day
9/27/2210/3/22We$249$2492Any Day
9/27/2210/3/22Mw$199$1992Any Day
10/4/2210/10/22N$199$2492Any Day
10/4/2210/10/22W$213$2137Any Day
10/4/2210/10/22We$249$2492Any Day
10/4/2210/10/22Mw$199$1992Any Day
10/11/2210/17/22N$199$2492Any Day
10/11/2210/17/22W$213$2137Any Day
10/11/2210/17/22We$249$2492Any Day
10/11/2210/17/22Mw$199$1992Any Day
10/18/2210/24/22N$199$2492Any Day
10/18/2210/24/22W$213$2137Any Day
10/18/2210/24/22We$249$2492Any Day
10/18/2210/24/22Mw$199$1992Any Day
10/25/2210/31/22N$199$2492Any Day
10/25/2210/31/22W$213$2137Any Day
10/25/2210/31/22We$249$2492Any Day
10/25/2210/31/22Mw$199$1992Any Day
11/1/2211/7/22N$199$2492Any Day
11/1/2211/7/22W$213$2137Any Day
11/1/2211/7/22We$249$2492Any Day
11/1/2211/7/22Mw$199$1992Any Day
11/8/2211/14/22N$199$2492Any Day
11/8/2211/14/22W$213$2137Any Day
11/8/2211/14/22We$249$2492Any Day
11/8/2211/14/22Mw$199$1992Any Day
11/15/2211/21/22N$199$2492Any Day
11/15/2211/21/22W$213$2137Any Day
11/15/2211/21/22We$249$2492Any Day
11/15/2211/21/22Mw$199$1992Any Day
11/22/2211/28/22N$249$2992Any Day
11/22/2211/28/22W$270$2707Any Day
11/22/2211/28/22We$299$2992Any Day
11/22/2211/28/22Mw$249$2492Any Day
11/29/2212/5/22N$199$2492Any Day
11/29/2212/5/22W$213$2137Any Day
11/29/2212/5/22We$249$2492Any Day
11/29/2212/5/22Mw$199$1992Any Day
12/6/2212/12/22N$199$2492Any Day
12/6/2212/12/22W$213$2137Any Day
12/6/2212/12/22We$249$2492Any Day
12/6/2212/12/22Mw$199$1992Any Day
12/13/2212/19/22N$199$4992Any Day
12/13/2212/19/22W$370$3707Any Day
12/13/2212/19/22We$499$4992Any Day
12/13/2212/19/22Mw$199$1992Any Day
12/20/2212/26/22N$499$4992Any Day
12/20/2212/26/22W$499$4997Any Day
12/20/2212/26/22We$499$4992Any Day
12/20/2212/26/22Mw$499$4992Any Day

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  • Full Kitchen
  • Refrigerator
  • Coffee Maker
  • Microwave
  • Toaster
  • Cookware
  • Oven/Stove
  • dishwasher
  • Dishsoap
  • Paper Towels
  • Dishes
  • Air Conditioning
  • Ceiling Fans
  • Linens
  • Ironing Board
  • High Speed Internet
  • Outdoor Washer Dryer
  • Hair Dryer
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Shared Pool
  • Treasure Island Boutique Suites
  • Treasure Island
  • Shared Pool
  • Nearby ATM
  • Nearby Post Office
  • Nearby Internet Cafe
  • Nearby FedEx
  • Nearby Bank
  • Area FitnessCenter
  • Nearby Medical Services
  • Nearby Grocery
  • Nearby Golf Course
  • Corner Market
  • Restaurants
  • Nearby Movie Theaters
  • Museums
  • Art Galleries
  • Deck
  • Gas Grill
  • Outdoor Shower
  • Shared Pool
  • Table
  • Chairs
  • Near Beach
  • Johns Pass Boardwalk Nearby
  • Nearby Golf Course
  • Beach Combing
  • Photography
  • Parking
  • Nearby Marina
  • Nearby Local Shops
  • Nearby Playground
  • Nearby Tennis
  • Nearby Fishing
  • Nearby Jet Ski Rentals
  • Nearby Paddle Board Rentals
  • Nearby Deep Sea Fishing Trips
  • Near Beach
  • Close to Town
  • Near Bay
  • Near Marina
  • DVD Player
  • Wireless Internet
  • Laptop Friendly
  • Roku TV
  • Hulu with Live TV

Pool: Yes

Outdoor Shower: Yes

BBQ: Yes

Jacuzzi: Yes

Sauna: Yes

Foosball Table: Yes

Fire Pit: Yes

Kayak/Boogie Boards: Yes


8. CANCELLATIONS MUST BE MADE IN WRITING. CANCELLATIONS MADE WITHIN 60 DAYS OF ARRIVAL DATE ARE SUBJECT TO TOTAL FORFEITURE OF ALL FEES. CANCELLATIONS MADE PRIOR TO 60 DAYS OF ARRIVAL DATE ARE SUBJECT TO A PENALTY UP TO AND INCLUDING 50% OF THE RESERVATION COST. I authorize my credit card to pay for all damages, missing items, or other costs caused by any member of my party in excess of the coverage of the Damage Waiver Fee. It is your responsibility to inform of any potential problems with your reservation or to make alternate payment arrangements. Any alternate payment arrangements must be in writing and mutually agreed upon by Guest and / Tech Travel LLC – NO EXCEPTIONS. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS FOR ANY REASON within 60 DAYS prior to check in date. By initialing this contract section, you are agreeing to adhere to the cancellation policies above.

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Guest Reviews:
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"Beachy Bungalow
Old Florida charmer with a secret garden courtyard! All the amenities you could possibly want pool , shoppes, and restaurants and short walk to World Class beaches!"
Jun 28, 2022 - Helen M., Seminole, FL

"Beach Trip
We had a wonderful time. The grounds were amazing, like a small rain forest, Cottage was nice, close to the beach and enjoyed the pool. Allison was very helpful."
May 14, 2022 - , Crystal River, FL

"Amazing stay
This was the most comfortable and accommodating stay. There is nothing like have a place on the beach that has a whole laid back aura to match the atmosphere. "
Apr 07, 2021 - Sarah F.

"Nice location right on the beach!
The airbnb was pretty nice and the backyard was awesome with the pool. The only problem with the location is the bug problem. They have an ant infestation at the property. Can not leave any food out. For example we had a dozen of donuts in its box and in the morning it was covered in ants. Other than the bug problem, the amenities and location was nice. "
Mar 16, 2021 - Jacob R., Tampa, FL

This was truly a piece of paradise tucked away in plan site. A great outdoor area to sit and relax with friends and family and enjoy the pool and just a couple minutes to the beach through our own little pathway. A must stay. "
Nov 11, 2020 - TARA M., Not provided by Expedia Affiliat, UT

"Treasure Island Oasis
This was my first time booking this way and a leap of faith for me! I couldn't have been more pleasantly and directions were clear and prompt. The property itself was amazing! I would absolutely recommend both travel tech and this property 10000000 percent!"
Feb 19, 2020 - Ellen C., Howell, NJ

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Vacation Rental Beach House in Treasure Island, Florida

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