Terrific 2nd story 1 bedroom Apt. on Treasure Island Beach

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11917 Sunshine Ln

Treasure Island, Florida 33706

Ad # 524221

Nightly Rates: $99 - 299

 1.0   Sleeps 3

Minimum Stay: 2 nights

Pool: Yes  Sq Ft: 0

Shared Pool

 Pet Friendly: No

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A tropical, private, and secluded oasis between the Marriott and and Sunset Vistas.
Enter from the back deck overlooking a landscaped back yard and views of the beach through distant palms. - This cozy apartment features a small kitchen, open bedroom, private bathroom with linen armoire, breakfast table and small pull out couch.

Guests have access to the private yard, deck, pool, and are only a short walk to the beach and minutes away from great attractions. travelers have access to beach and pool area.

The entire property is also available to rent and sleeps 21, Please Inquire.

You are a 30 minute drive from Tampa International Airport, 2 minutes from the famous John's Pass Village on Madeira Beach close to Fishing Charters, Boating, Jet Ski Rentals, Downtown St. Pete, the Historic Fort DeSota Park, Golfing, Dining and more.

Amenities include: Kitchen, Internet, TV, Essentials, Shampoo, Heating, Air Conditioning, Washer, - Dryer, Free Parking on Premises, Wireless Internet, Cable TV, Family/Kid Friendly, Suitable for Events, Indoor, fireplace, Shared Pool, - Smoke Detector, Carbon Monoxide Detector, First Aid Kit, Fire Extinguisher

Beach towels, beach chairs, and umbrellas are provided in the unit.

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Rate Types: N - Nightly, W - Weekly, We - Weekend, Mw - Midweek, M - Monthly
FromToTypeLow Per
Day Rate
High Per
Day Rate
2/9/222/15/22N$149$2992Any Day
2/9/222/15/22W$256$2567Any Day
2/9/222/15/22We$299$2992Any Day
2/9/222/15/22Mw$299$2992Any Day
2/16/222/22/22N$299$2992Any Day
2/16/222/22/22W$299$2997Any Day
2/16/222/22/22We$299$2992Any Day
2/16/222/22/22Mw$299$2992Any Day
3/1/223/7/22N$299$2992Any Day
3/1/223/7/22W$299$2997Any Day
3/1/223/7/22We$299$2992Any Day
3/1/223/7/22Mw$299$2992Any Day
3/8/223/14/22N$299$2992Any Day
3/8/223/14/22W$299$2997Any Day
3/8/223/14/22We$299$2992Any Day
3/8/223/14/22Mw$299$2992Any Day
3/16/223/28/22N$299$2992Any Day
3/16/223/28/22W$299$2997Any Day
3/16/223/28/22We$299$2992Any Day
3/16/223/28/22Mw$299$2992Any Day
3/29/224/4/22N$299$2992Any Day
3/29/224/4/22W$299$2997Any Day
3/29/224/4/22We$299$2992Any Day
3/29/224/4/22Mw$299$2992Any Day
4/5/224/11/22N$299$2992Any Day
4/5/224/11/22W$299$2997Any Day
4/5/224/11/22We$299$2992Any Day
4/5/224/11/22Mw$299$2992Any Day
4/12/224/18/22N$299$2992Any Day
4/12/224/18/22W$299$2997Any Day
4/12/224/18/22We$299$2992Any Day
4/12/224/18/22Mw$299$2992Any Day
4/19/224/25/22N$299$2992Any Day
4/19/224/25/22W$299$2997Any Day
4/19/224/25/22We$299$2992Any Day
4/19/224/25/22Mw$299$2992Any Day
4/26/225/2/22N$148$2992Any Day
4/26/225/2/22W$256$2567Any Day
4/26/225/2/22We$299$2992Any Day
4/26/225/2/22Mw$299$2992Any Day
5/3/225/9/22N$148$1492Any Day
5/3/225/9/22W$148$1487Any Day
5/3/225/9/22We$149$1492Any Day
5/3/225/9/22Mw$148$1482Any Day
5/10/225/16/22N$148$1492Any Day
5/10/225/16/22W$148$1487Any Day
5/10/225/16/22We$149$1492Any Day
5/10/225/16/22Mw$148$1482Any Day
5/17/225/23/22N$148$1492Any Day
5/17/225/23/22W$148$1487Any Day
5/17/225/23/22We$149$1492Any Day
5/17/225/23/22Mw$148$1482Any Day
5/24/225/30/22N$148$2992Any Day
5/24/225/30/22W$213$2137Any Day
5/24/225/30/22We$299$2992Any Day
5/24/225/30/22Mw$148$1482Any Day
5/31/226/6/22N$149$1492Any Day
5/31/226/6/22W$149$1497Any Day
5/31/226/6/22We$149$1492Any Day
5/31/226/6/22Mw$149$1492Any Day
6/7/226/13/22N$149$1492Any Day
6/7/226/13/22W$149$1497Any Day
6/7/226/13/22We$149$1492Any Day
6/7/226/13/22Mw$149$1492Any Day
6/14/226/20/22N$149$2992Any Day
6/14/226/20/22W$235$2357Any Day
6/14/226/20/22We$299$2992Any Day
6/14/226/20/22Mw$149$1492Any Day
6/21/226/27/22N$299$2992Any Day
6/21/226/27/22W$299$2997Any Day
6/21/226/27/22We$299$2992Any Day
6/21/226/27/22Mw$299$2992Any Day
6/28/227/4/22N$299$2992Any Day
6/28/227/4/22W$299$2997Any Day
6/28/227/4/22We$299$2992Any Day
6/28/227/4/22Mw$299$2992Any Day
7/5/227/11/22N$299$2992Any Day
7/5/227/11/22W$299$2997Any Day
7/5/227/11/22We$299$2992Any Day
7/5/227/11/22Mw$299$2992Any Day
7/12/227/18/22N$299$2992Any Day
7/12/227/18/22W$299$2997Any Day
7/12/227/18/22We$299$2992Any Day
7/12/227/18/22Mw$299$2992Any Day
7/19/227/25/22N$299$2992Any Day
7/19/227/25/22W$299$2997Any Day
7/19/227/25/22We$299$2992Any Day
7/19/227/25/22Mw$299$2992Any Day
7/26/228/1/22N$299$2992Any Day
7/26/228/1/22W$299$2997Any Day
7/26/228/1/22We$299$2992Any Day
7/26/228/1/22Mw$299$2992Any Day
8/2/228/8/22N$99$2992Any Day
8/2/228/8/22W$242$2427Any Day
8/2/228/8/22We$299$2992Any Day
8/2/228/8/22Mw$299$2992Any Day
8/9/228/15/22N$99$1252Any Day
8/9/228/15/22W$106$1067Any Day
8/9/228/15/22We$125$1252Any Day
8/9/228/15/22Mw$99$992Any Day
8/16/228/22/22N$99$1252Any Day
8/16/228/22/22W$106$1067Any Day
8/16/228/22/22We$125$1252Any Day
8/16/228/22/22Mw$99$992Any Day
8/23/228/29/22N$99$1252Any Day
8/23/228/29/22W$106$1067Any Day
8/23/228/29/22We$125$1252Any Day
8/23/228/29/22Mw$99$992Any Day
8/30/229/5/22N$99$1992Any Day
8/30/229/5/22W$142$1427Any Day
8/30/229/5/22We$199$1992Any Day
8/30/229/5/22Mw$99$992Any Day
9/6/229/12/22N$99$1252Any Day
9/6/229/12/22W$106$1067Any Day
9/6/229/12/22We$125$1252Any Day
9/6/229/12/22Mw$99$992Any Day
9/13/229/19/22N$99$1252Any Day
9/13/229/19/22W$106$1067Any Day
9/13/229/19/22We$125$1252Any Day
9/13/229/19/22Mw$99$992Any Day
9/20/229/26/22N$99$1252Any Day
9/20/229/26/22W$106$1067Any Day
9/20/229/26/22We$125$1252Any Day
9/20/229/26/22Mw$99$992Any Day
9/27/2210/3/22N$99$1252Any Day
9/27/2210/3/22W$106$1067Any Day
9/27/2210/3/22We$125$1252Any Day
9/27/2210/3/22Mw$99$992Any Day
10/4/2210/10/22N$99$1252Any Day
10/4/2210/10/22W$106$1067Any Day
10/4/2210/10/22We$125$1252Any Day
10/4/2210/10/22Mw$99$992Any Day
10/11/2210/17/22N$99$1252Any Day
10/11/2210/17/22W$106$1067Any Day
10/11/2210/17/22We$125$1252Any Day
10/11/2210/17/22Mw$99$992Any Day
10/18/2210/24/22N$99$1252Any Day
10/18/2210/24/22W$106$1067Any Day
10/18/2210/24/22We$125$1252Any Day
10/18/2210/24/22Mw$99$992Any Day
10/25/2210/31/22N$99$1252Any Day
10/25/2210/31/22W$106$1067Any Day
10/25/2210/31/22We$125$1252Any Day
10/25/2210/31/22Mw$99$992Any Day
11/1/2211/7/22N$99$1252Any Day
11/1/2211/7/22W$106$1067Any Day
11/1/2211/7/22We$125$1252Any Day
11/1/2211/7/22Mw$99$992Any Day
11/8/2211/14/22N$99$1252Any Day
11/8/2211/14/22W$106$1067Any Day
11/8/2211/14/22We$125$1252Any Day
11/8/2211/14/22Mw$99$992Any Day
11/15/2211/21/22N$99$1252Any Day
11/15/2211/21/22W$106$1067Any Day
11/15/2211/21/22We$125$1252Any Day
11/15/2211/21/22Mw$99$992Any Day
11/22/2211/28/22N$99$1992Any Day
11/22/2211/28/22W$156$1567Any Day
11/22/2211/28/22We$199$1992Any Day
11/22/2211/28/22Mw$149$1492Any Day
11/29/2212/5/22N$99$1252Any Day
11/29/2212/5/22W$106$1067Any Day
11/29/2212/5/22We$125$1252Any Day
11/29/2212/5/22Mw$99$992Any Day
12/6/2212/12/22N$99$1252Any Day
12/6/2212/12/22W$106$1067Any Day
12/6/2212/12/22We$125$1252Any Day
12/6/2212/12/22Mw$99$992Any Day
12/13/2212/19/22N$99$2992Any Day
12/13/2212/19/22W$213$2137Any Day
12/13/2212/19/22We$299$2992Any Day
12/13/2212/19/22Mw$99$992Any Day
12/20/2212/26/22N$299$2992Any Day
12/20/2212/26/22W$299$2997Any Day
12/20/2212/26/22We$299$2992Any Day
12/20/2212/26/22Mw$299$2992Any Day

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  • Kitchenette
  • Refrigerator
  • Coffee Maker
  • Microwave
  • Toaster
  • Cookware
  • dishwasher
  • Dishsoap
  • Paper Towels
  • Stove Top Only
  • Air Conditioning
  • Ceiling Fans
  • Linens
  • Washer & Dryer
  • Ironing Board
  • High Speed Internet
  • No Phone
  • Hair Dryer
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Shared Pool
  • Treasure Island Boutique Suites
  • Treasure Island
  • Shared Pool
  • Nearby ATM
  • Nearby Post Office
  • Nearby Internet Cafe
  • Nearby FedEx
  • Nearby Bank
  • Area FitnessCenter
  • Nearby Medical Services
  • Nearby Grocery
  • Outlet Shopping
  • Movie Theatres
  • Nearby Golf Course
  • Corner Market
  • Restaurants
  • Museums
  • Art Galleries
  • Deck
  • Patio
  • Balcony
  • Gas Grill
  • Outdoor Shower
  • Shared Pool
  • Table
  • Chairs
  • Near Beach
  • Johns Pass Boardwalk Nearby
  • Nearby Golf Course
  • Beach Combing
  • Photography
  • Parking
  • Nearby Marina
  • Nearby Local Shops
  • Nearby Playground
  • Nearby Tennis
  • Nearby Fishing
  • Nearby Jet Ski Rentals
  • Nearby Paddle Board Rentals
  • Nearby Basketball
  • Nearby Deep Sea Fishing Trips
  • Near Beach
  • Close to Town
  • Nearby Boat Rentals
  • Nearby Jetski Rentals
  • Near Bay
  • Cable TV
  • DVD Player
  • Wireless Internet
  • Laptop Friendly
  • No Pets

Pool: Yes


8. CANCELLATIONS MUST BE MADE IN WRITING. CANCELLATIONS MADE WITHIN 60 DAYS OF ARRIVAL DATE ARE SUBJECT TO TOTAL FORFEITURE OF ALL FEES. CANCELLATIONS MADE PRIOR TO 60 DAYS OF ARRIVAL DATE ARE SUBJECT TO A PENALTY UP TO AND INCLUDING 50% OF THE RESERVATION COST. I authorize my credit card to pay for all damages, missing items, or other costs caused by any member of my party in excess of the coverage of the Damage Waiver Fee. It is your responsibility to inform of any potential problems with your reservation or to make alternate payment arrangements. Any alternate payment arrangements must be in writing and mutually agreed upon by Guest and / Tech Travel LLC – NO EXCEPTIONS. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS FOR ANY REASON within 60 DAYS prior to check in date. By initialing this contract section, you are agreeing to adhere to the cancellation policies above.

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Guest Reviews:
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"Wonderful experience
Very nice, clean accommodations with everything we needed from fully equipped kitchen, towels, pillows very pleasant decorating...even had an alexa!! The grounds were unique, relaxing and enjoyably lit and furnished...even firepit and the hosts kept leaving a log and matches for our nitely fire. Short walk to the huge beach...and provided umbrellas and beach chaires...The hosts of the property couldnt have been more plesant than they were...would I stay again?? absolutely!!!"
Mar 16, 2022 - , Essexville, MI

"Treasure Island Beach Retreat
Comfy and convenient upstairs apartment with kitchen, bed and bathroom amenities. Location to the beach, John’s Pass, Boardwalk and restaurants enabled much of our stay to be managed within walking distance. "
Feb 27, 2022 - Steve A., Cherry Hill, NJ

"Great Location!
This is a nice little oasis nestled among high-rise hotels, just yards from the beach. It's 3 converted houses surrounding a central pool. The owner was very friendly and accommodating."
Jan 04, 2022 - Robert F., Riverview, FL

"Very happy with with our stay.
This was a great VRBO. We loved the privacy of sitting on the deck at night. The pool was just a few steps away. Access to the beach was super convenient. The location was great as well. The ‘room’ had plenty of space. The owners were nice and helpful. We have nothing but things to say about this place.
Everyone at Tech Travel was super accommodating. ��"
Apr 12, 2021 - , Olathe, KS

"Great Location, steps to Beach
Great location and steps to a magnificent beach. You will not find a more reasonable place so close to the beach "
Mar 12, 2021 - Dennis H., Westmont, IL

"Perfect weekend
Great location and host. Could walk to everything. Comfortable accommodations. "
May 19, 2020 - Sherry E., N/A, CO

"Great Escape for Two!
The suite was clean, well appointed and had a great view / amenities. Everything you would need for a couples getaway at the beach."
Feb 05, 2020 - David P., N/A, CO

"Great Location, Nice Place
This location was fantastic! Very short walk to the beach plus a pool in the back yard. Very clean place. Unit is smaller but that's not why we were in Florida so it was great for our purposes. Sleeping, some meals, nap time (for little one). Oh and a really good ice cream shop literally a stone's throw away. Plenty of dining options close by at the pass, with Pelicans and Dolphins. We slept two adults on the bed and 4-year old on the pull out sofa just fine. Will be going back."
Apr 15, 2019 - Scott H., Palatine, IL

"clean, comfy unit; nice view
Enjoyed our stay here. The unit is very nice, clean, comfortable with a good view of the beach from the well-furnished balcony. The owner was friendly and accommodating. "
Feb 19, 2019 - , Charleston, WV

"Treasure Island Fl
The apartment was very clean. Short walk to the beach.
Although weather was cool the accommodations were were nice.
Wouldn’t recommend 3 people unless it is a child. It is rather small."
Feb 16, 2019 - , Johnstown, PA

"Grest Location! Very Nice Unit!
The unit was nice and provided everything we need. It was in a great location and our deck had a nice view of the beach. A very small upgrade that would be good would be a mirror in the bedroom when we were getting ready to go out. A great week at the beach!!"
Apr 10, 2018 - Kenneth P., Shrub oak, NY

"Relaxing Oasis
I really enjoyed my stay in Treasure Island. The rental was clean, close to the beach, trolley transit and the Shake Shop (can’t beat that!). The beach was quiet and the sunsets were amazing. The pool was so private, relaxing and beautifully landscaped. St. Pete beach was so close and easy to get to on the inexpensive trolley.. The owner was responsive to anything I needed and it was wonderful to have a washer/dryer available. I will definitely rent this property again!"
Mar 03, 2018 - , Cedar Rapids, IA

"Comfortable place near beach!
The owner, Alison was very friendly, and the management were great to work with. Our place was VERY clean, the deck was great, extra comfy chairs, view of the ocean. The pool was clean and warm with nice floaties. The air conditioner was very quiet, sometimes if places don’t have central air, the air conditioner is noisy, this one was not! We loved the location, walking distance to stores and restaurants, and extremely close to a delicious ice cream place, a must to visit!
The only SMALL complaints were there was no DVD player, and I had checked with the management company that said there was one. Not a big deal, we just brought our Netflix disc to watch and couldn’t. But there was a smart TV in the bedroom, but didn’t know that until the end of our trip. Just need to update that info on website. Also the internet signal was very weak and difficult to use at times when I really needed it to communicate at home. Alison liked to air out the place between guests which was nice, but the place had a little musty odor, not sure if maybe the air conditioner filters need changing? But all in all the place was well maintained and comfortable. There were definitely more positives. "
Feb 26, 2018 - , Green Bay, WI

"A Wonderful Weekend
Great location, close to grocery store and many restaurants. It had all the dishes pots & pans that we needed to cook some great meals. There is no oven, so if you need one look somewhere else. Property owner was onsite and made us feel welcome and made sure we were happy. There is a great balcony with this unit. Only issue was with TechTravel holding our security deposit for 14 business days after checkout plus another 5 business days for it to post with my credit card. "
Dec 20, 2017 - Daniel H., SPRINGFIELD, IL

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