Have a Memorable Memorial Day at the Beach

Once a year, we set aside a Monday in May to remember our military heroes who were lost to war. In addition to spending Memorial Day in remembrance of those who died in battle, this special day can be an opportunity to bring your loved ones together for meaningful family time. If you are looking for the perfect place to spend your Memorial Day, consider renting a beach house.

Memorial Day Beach House for a Peaceful Atmosphere

You can use Memorial Day as a teaching opportunity for children about honoring and remembering the casualties of war. By renting a beach house for Memorial Day, you can retreat from the bustle of your daily lives into a truly peaceful atmosphere that is perfect for contemplation and remembrance. The beautiful scenery adds to the feeling of serenity you will find in a beach house rental.

Beach House Rentals for Family Bonding

Memorial Day should also be a celebration of the life and freedom that our military men and women have guarded for us, and there is no better way to do this than by filling this day with love. Take the long weekend to spend time with your extended family—bring Grandpa and Grandma, nieces and nephews. You can have a family cookout in the warm summer air, eating hamburgers and watermelon on the deck overlooking the water. You can play the games available in your beach rental home’s family room, and spend time together walking the beach and swimming. A Memorial Day beach house will not only present many opportunities for family togetherness, but also help your family engage with each other by removing the distractions you find at home and enticing everyone with unique experiences on the beach. When you only have a few days at the beach, even the most reluctant of teens will emerge from their rooms to feel the sand between their toes.

Enough Room for Everyone at the Beach

One of the best aspects of beach house rentals is the space—both in the house and on the property. Wide-open spaces outside allow for relaxation, exploration, and adventure. And enough rooms inside mean that no one is sleeping on the floor or on an air mattress. It’s amazing how much impact having a real bed to sleep on and enough room for privacy can have on the overall mood of your vacation group, especially for an extended stay. This can make all the difference between a strained weekend away and a truly fulfilling family experience. Rent a beach house this year to give your family a truly memorable Memorial Day.