Celebrate Labor Day at the Beach

Since 1887, America has celebrated Labor Day to honor the contributions and achievements of the working men and women of our great nation. The format of the first holiday called for a parade, followed by a “festival for the recreation and amusement of the workers and their families” (United States Department of Labor, ). Today it is common to find parades and neighborhood parties in cities and towns across America. But this year, why not celebrate Labor Day in an uncommon way?

Trade the Parade for Paradise

Parades may be traditional, but not everyone enjoys crowded streets, marching bands, and paper streamer floats. You work hard, and you should spend your well-deserved day off in your own piece of paradise—a vacation home rental right on the beach. When you rent a beach house for Labor Day, you can relax in the peace and quiet of a truly serene setting. And since Labor Day is the first Monday in September, the days are still long, warm, and perfect for making the most of what the beach has to offer.

Entertaining in a Beach House

A beach house is the perfect place to spend Labor Day, whether you bring your immediate family, your extended relatives, or a group of friends. You can pick a beach property that has enough room for everyone, so if you stay the whole weekend, everyone has their own space to unwind. And you won’t miss out on your Labor Day favorites by moving the party to the coast—the beach is an ideal setting for your normal Labor Day traditions, plus it offers unique beach activities that are fun for everyone. You can have a cookout on the beach, or prepare a picnic to eat on your beach house patio. You can play board games indoors, or you can throw a Frisbee on the sand. You can watch a movie in the living room or wade into the waves.

As a hard-working American, Labor Day celebrates all that you do. You should treat yourself to your ideal weekend getaway and rent a beach house for Labor Day, whether that ideal trip is a few days of sunshine and solitude or a house party with your closest friends. Either way, a Labor Day beach house has everything you need to make this September holiday your favorite holiday of the year.