Barrier-Free Vacations with a Handicap Friendly Beach House

When looking for a vacation destination for family or friends, it can be hard to find something that suits everyone. This is especially true if a member of your travel group requires special accommodations. If you are traveling with someone who uses mobility assistance, you'll need to look for vacation venues that are handicap accessible. But why not go beyond "accessible" and find a vacation spot that is truly handicap friendly? It's possible with handicap friendly beach houses.

Beach Getaways with the Comforts of Home

First and foremost, this is a vacation you're planning, so you should pick a place that is both relaxing and invigorating—some place that is low maintenance but high comfort. Handicap access to the beachWell, you can stop your search here; you've found the ultimate combination of luxury and lounging in a beach house for rent. When you rent a beach house, you get all the comforts of home, including private bedrooms to sleep in, a kitchen for cooking, and a living room for watching movies and playing games. You may also get access to things you don’t have at home, like a deck patio, a hot tub, a barbeque grill, or a pool table.

A beach house rental take all of these homey elements to the next level. You get to play outdoors on the sand. You get to swim in the ocean. You can eat dinner on a deck overlooking the water. Beach houses infuse relaxation into your everyday routine, creating the perfect getaway that feels as comfortable as home.

Beach Houses that Embrace Accessibility

Your mission is to make sure that this fun vacation you have envisioned is accessible to everyone in your group. When it comes to mobility concerns, a handicap friendly beach house has you covered. You can look for beach houses that have exterior ramps for access, that have only one floor, or that have chair lifts installed. Some beach homes for rent may have roll-in showers and other wheelchair friendly features.

Handicap woman on the beach

Not only can your beach house be accessible by wheelchair, but you can find beach homes that are located on handicap friendly beaches. These beaches may offer boardwalks that go right up to the water, paved pathways, or specially-designed beach wheelchairs for rent that will allow everyone to adventure through the sand together. If your beach house rental is in an exotic location and your group wants to take a tour of the area, you may be able to find excursions that have vans and busses equipped with auto lifts.

If you are looking for a place to vacation, regardless of accessibility concerns, you won’t find a better or more relaxing spot than the beach. Renting a handicap friendly beach house today will lead to cherished memories.