Victoria Beach House Rentals

This summer, millions of Americans will be taking a vacation to an exotic beach locale to bask on the warm sands of a far off coastline. Yet some travelers might prefer to use this opportunity to see how the other side of the world lives. Those booking a beach house rental in Australia will find that winters down under still have a lot to offer international travelers.
One of the best places for vacationers heading to Australia for the first time is the city of Lorne in the province of Victoria.Torquay, Victoria Beach The city is situated along the Great Ocean Road, a famous seaside route that shows tourists some of the most beautiful sights in all of Australia. Though the weather may be a little chilly, adventurous vacationers with beach house rentals in Lorne may still be tempted to hit the waves, as Lorne is located in the Surf coast Shire, meaning memorable waves and swells await those travelers brave enough to paddle out.
Visitors will also want to explore the nearby Forest Park, a natural and beautiful assortment of hiking trails, touriststops and parks - many of which feature barbecue facilities perfect for cool air cookouts.