Florida Space Coast Vacation Rentals

Courtesy of Shutterstock With over 72 miles of sandy beaches and a historic reputation no one can deny, Florida's Space Coast has everything you need to experience an exciting vacation in a place that is different and new! Named after the Kennedy Space Center founded there in 1962, the area has become known not only for its association with the space program, but also for its beautiful beaches and exciting amusement park, the wonderful Disney World located in Orlando! Don't miss out on your chance to book a beach house in Florida's Space Coast and enjoy a nice vacation with the whole family!

Here's Our Recommendation for the Best Places to Visit:

  • Melbourne - A nature lover's paradise, Melbourne, Florida has a variety of exciting activities to offer, including "treetop trekking", wherein visitors can take a tour of some of Melbourne's finest greenery by way of steady bridges and pathways that have been constructed to connect one tree with the next. Between the beach and the nearby forest, a vacation rental in Melbourne will give you all you're looking for to have a good time!
  • Cape Canaveral - With a vacation in Cape Canaveral, you can visit one of the most famous places in all of the country, the place the entire area was named for, The Kennedy Space Center! But that's not the only tourist attraction in the area; you can go to the Manatee Sanctuary Park or the beautiful beaches along the coast for a change of pace and fun in the sun.
  • Cocoa Beach - Home to "East Coast Surfing Hall of Fame", Cocoa Beach is the best place to go to catch some waves, especially around the time of the Annual Easter Surfing Festival, started in 1964. With a Cocoa Beach rental be prepared to spend all of your time soaking up sun and enjoying one of the Space Coast's most prominent beach settings!
Courtesy of Shutterstock Florida's Space Coast has it all, so whether you went to rest and relax or explore your surroundings, get ready to have a blast as you book a Space Coast vacation rental for some summer fun!