Tortola Beach Vacations

Tortola is a rocky island 12 miles long and 3 miles wide, dominated by Mount Sage, which peaks at 1750 feet. Tortola, which means "Turtle Dove" in spanish, is volcanic, with dramatic views that you and your family can enjoy on your beach vacation. Rent a beach home in Tortola, and experience spectacular ocean views, sweeping across the blue waters of the Pacific, and into the reefs below.
Tortola is the perfect destination for vacationers seeking adventure in the Caribbean. With the dramatically-carved and rugged terrain of the mountain island, many say that driving on Tortola is an experience in itself. Crossing the island often involves dramatic ascents and descents along precipitous roads, such as the switch-back road leading to the beach at Brewers Bay. Take a slow drive along Ridge Road, Paradise - Tortola beach rentalswhich connects the Capital to the West end of the island but be sure to take a vehicle with four-wheel drive. During your trip, be sure to visit one of Tortola's many famous beaches, which often feel so isolated it's like you have them all to yourself. Stop by Cane Garden Bay and spend an evening at the historic sugar cane rum distillery, which has been in operation since the 19th century.
With an oceanfront rental in Tortola, you and your family can enjoy a true Caribbean adventure. An active vacationer on Tortola will need to schedule time to visit Cane Garden Bay Beach. This popular beach is known for its gentle surf and beautiful bay views. There are also many fun seaside bars, restaurants, inns, villas, and gift shops on the shore that give Tortola a boardwalk appeal. Unlike Cane Garden Bay, Long Bay is a mile long stretch of white sand beach, which is perfect for tranquil sunset walks for a romantic quiet getaway. The west end of the beach, is lined with palms and sea grapes that offers great solitude and good swimming.