St. Martin Vacation Rentals

Many people do not realize that they often cross back and forth from country to country when in the Caribbean because of the spirit of neighborly cooperation and mutual friendship that has existed there for almost 350 years. The Dutch side, with Philipsburg as its capital occupies the southern 17 square miles of this 37-square-mile island; St. Martin, a French dependency, occupies the northern half. The dual nationality adds variety to this most unique of island gems in the Caribbean Sea.
The island has 37 different beaches each with its own distinct atmosphere. You will find the beaches with waves welcoming surfers, and beaches that accommodate tranquil ones for the small kids. There are also busy beaches painted with life, and deserted beaches perfect for honeymooners. There are small beaches between rocky cliffs and some which seem to extend endlessly. All of the beaches are clean, have white sand, and crystal clear sea. So during your vacation in St. Martin, try to visit as many as you can! Make sure to see Cupecoy Beach and Maho Beach.Saint Martin beach
Two of the most popular water activities on this beach are diving and snorkeling. Clear waters surround your St. Martin vacation rental allow visibility for hundreds of feet and the coral reefs are teeming with marine life. Certified scuba divers can rent tanks and equipment at water sports shops around the Island. Sailing is also a great way to spend the day. st Martin is known for the sailboats used in the 12 Metre America's Cup Yacht Club. Imagine becoming a crew member on one of these boats; the Regatta lasts approximately two and a half hours!