St. Croix Virgin Islands Vacation Rentals

The United States Virgin Island of St. Croix has weather that is every vacationer's dream! Who wouldn't want to travel to an island where the sun shines all day and a nice breeze helps cool things down in the evening, making it easier to sleep in anticipation of the next days exciting events, all located near your beach house rental!
Although it may seem as though you can travel from one side of the island to the other in thirty minutes because of the narrow edges of the land mass, the roads are usually only two lanes, very curvy, and you may have to stop from the occasional "Crucian Traffic Jam". For those of you who don't know what a "Crucian traffic jam" is, it's the rare occurrence of a goat, chicken, or horse crossing the road! However, slowing down is a nice contrast to the overly-speedy lifestyle work forces upon everyone. Not having to worry about rushing from one place to the other helps vacationers slow down and take in the beauty of the surrounding area; a nice reminder of the reason for escaping to geologically rich places like the Caribbean!
Feel like seeing some of the most beautiful sites of your life? Then take a sailing tour to Buck Island! It's part of the reason that the island and its reef have been made into a National Park. There are many full and half day trips to the island, so it is not hard to get there. However, many say that the real problem is leaving the island due to the immense beauty found there! One of the beaches on Buck Island, Turtle Beach, has been voted one of the "World's Most Beautiful Beaches" by National Geographic, a title all visitors declare the site has no problem living up to! There is an underwater trail that is a snorkelers' dream come true,Boy snorkling and if you don't know how to snorkel, there are guides that will help you! The activities here are endless and the sights dazzling!