For Thanksgiving, the Beach Can't Be Beat

Thanksgiving is a time for family to come together to enjoy good food, fun, and a season of gratitude. But as your circle of loved ones expands, it can be hard to find one place to accommodate the entire extended family. And if you are lucky enough to host for your family's Thanksgiving celebration, you know that the joy of having everyone together under one roof can be offset by the stress of having a house full of guests.

Family Thanksgiving - BeachHouse.com

This Thanksgiving, consider starting a new tradition —one that brings everyone together without the surrendering of anyone's home. Rent a beach house and have your Thanksgiving celebration at the beach.

When you rent a beach house for Thanksgiving, you can have enough bedrooms to lodge the whole family. No one will have to sleep on the couch or on an air mattress! And since a Thanksgiving beach house is "neutral territory," a whole new world of opportunities opens up for family togetherness. Since there is no official host, no one person has to feel responsible for doing laundry, washing dishes, grocery shopping, and house cleaning. These chores become not only shared responsibilities, but also surprisingly fun group activities. And since no one owns this beach house, the distracting daily tasks that can be engrossing in one's own home fall away—kids come out of their bedrooms, adults get off the computer, and everyone spends more time together in comfortable community spaces than they would in someone's home.

When you rent a beach house, you have the perfect blend of a vacation and home. Your Thanksgiving beach house rental comes equipped with the most important Thanksgiving feature: a kitchen. You may be enjoying time at the beach, but you can still cook Thanksgiving dinner together as a family. The rental kitchen becomes a truly shared space where cooks can collaborate without stepping on the host's toes, because there is no host! Everyone can feel comfortable contributing to the meal preparations, and the kitchen becomes a place for natural family gatherings over morning coffee or after-dinner spiced cider.

Beach houses for rent are never short of entertainment options. As you plan your Thanksgiving beach house trip, consider what activities your family likes to do, and look for a beach house rental that includes those features. Board games are usually available, and you can rent a beach house that has a ping pong table, a pool table, a deck overlooking the water, or even a hot tub. And don't forget about a big-screen TV to watch Thanksgiving Day football.

Thankful for BeachHouse.comThe beach is an excellent setting for Thanksgiving. While the weather may be a little cold for swimming, you will appreciate the cooler temperatures for walks on the beach, picnic lunches, and outdoor games and sports. Take advantage of the sand to play beach volleyball, play Frisbee, or build a sand castle. And the view of the sunset across the water is spectacular any time of year. Thanksgiving at the beach will be a unique experience that the whole family will treasure. Rent a beach house for Thanksgiving this year, and your family will discover the perfect atmosphere for a fun, comfortable, relaxing, and truly bonding holiday retreat.