Experience La County & Southern California

Courtesy of ShutterstockLos Angeles is a sun-drenched, stylish paradise with one of the most populous metropolitan centers in the United States. Rub elbows with A-list celebrities and sip on your macchiatos on the shores of Hermosa Beach, Venice Beach, and Malibu, destinations you'll find in LA County in Southern California. With a beach rental in LA County you can relax in the lap of luxury, and live like a superstar!

BeachHouse.com Recommends These Destinations for Your Los Angeles Beach Vacation:

  • Hermosa Beach is a small beach community known for its long walking pier and sport-friendly beaches. Fans of beach volleyball, running, cycling, and especially surfing will love the wide, sandy beaches of Hermosa Beach.
  • Manhattan Beach is another popular destination in LA County, which has some of the highest property values in the country. A convenient distance from Hollywood, Manhattan Beach is home to many famous stars and athletes. Visit this exclusive beach destination and live like American Royalty, with a house on the beach in Manhattan Beach!
  • Santa Monica is a world-famous beach destination, whose agreeable weather and fantastic location made it a resort town in the 1980s. Visit the famous Santa Monica Pier, or take a stroll down the Third Street Promenade. Santa Monica should be your go-to beach house rental destination.
  • Venice Beach is one of the cultural hubs of LA County. Home of the beat poets, Venice has been an artist commune and resort destination since the early 1900s. This historic beach town is full of life and color, which you can enjoy during your beach vacation.
Los Angeles may be one of the most crowded cities in America, but the beach towns along the Los Angeles coast are some of the most exclusive, colorful, and beautiful beach destinations in the nation. Book a beach house near Los Angeles and live like a superstar on the shores of the Pacific Ocean!

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