Rhode Island Beach Vacation Rental

This summer, many families will be jetting across the sea in search of an exotic destination to relax and enjoy the warm-weather season. Yet while some feel the need to explore distant lands during their vacation, others are content to find their relaxation a little closer to home. For those families looking to spend their summer relaxing on a beach within the U.S., a beach house vacation rental in Narragansett, Rhode Island, could be just what the doctor ordered.
Located in the Southeast corner of the Ocean State, Narragansett is a small seaside town that is perhaps most famous for its eponymous beer.Newport, Rhode Island Despite the reputation that may come with having a spirit produced with its name, the city is actually a beautiful and quaint town that has a lot to offer vacationers spending their vacations there.
Narragansett Town Beach is a lovely stretch of coastline that is popular with sun bathers and water sports enthusiasts alike. Travelers will find a wealth of amenities on this beach including cabanas, showers, pavilions, restaurants and shops. Further in town, guests can see the local sites like the medieval castle-like Narragansett Towers, the picturesque Point Judith Lighthouse and the craggy cliffs of the Newton Rocks.