Oregon Southern Coast Vacation Rentals

Oregon is filled with a stretch of rocky coastline that has nine majestic lighthouses, five of which are still in use, while the others are monuments to sailors who braved the wild Oregon waters. The southern half of the state has sunnier weather and fewer cities than the north, making it a haven for natural parks and other beautiful nature-related sights not commonly found anywhere else! With the Pacific Ocean on one side and a series of lakes on the other, an Oregon Southern Coast beach vacation is definitely a nature lover's paradise!
Oregon is an amazing destination to see natural wonders formed by the Earth. Crater Lake is the deepest lake in the United States, formed more than 6,500 years ago in the mouth of a collapsed volcano. It is known for it's phenomenally crystal blue waters.Oregon Pacific Coast - beach vacation rentals A favorite of photographers, the Painted Hills of the John Day Fossil Beds National Monument located in East-Central Oregon a short drive away features nature's watercolors at their best. The unusual stripes of colors in the hills are actually layers of weathering volcanic ash, deposited up to 40 million years ago. Naturally carved within an outcropping of solid marble, Oregon Caves National Monument comprises a series of large rooms and corridors exquisitely decorated with stalactites, flowstone curtains, and columns. Discovered in 1874, the caves are one of Southern Oregon's oldest attractions.

Here is Our Recommended List of Oregon Southern Coast Cities:

  • Bandon: There is a large range of things to do and see in this beach city! From horseback riding along the shore to fishing and crabbing in the waters, the almost beach access allows for a variety of fun activities to take part in during the day. At night, go wine-tasting and enjoy the fine-dining of the many restaurants in the area as you spend your beach vacation doing having fun and relaxing away from work and the daily grind.
  • Gold Beach: Named after a nearby placer mine which once extracted gold, this beach town is a treasure all on its own! With cool winters and warm, dry summers, the town has been known to attract visitors who enjoy both the beach, and the surrounding area as well; places such as the Prehistoric Gardens and Huntley Park, both great for observing animal life. Gold Beach also remains to be the only town left in the state that uses mail-boats to deliver the locals around Rogue River their mail every morning; take a tour on these jet boats and enjoy being told stories of their origin and exciting adventures endured along the route!

An Oregon Southern Coast beach house rental will give you a place to rest when you are not exploring the natural wonders, so book yours today!