Northern Michigan Vacation Rentals

When lovebirds are searching for the perfect vacation beach house, Northern Michigan is typically not the first location to which they consider flocking.
Lake Michigan beach rentalsHowever, with its unique blend of pristine woodlands and sandy beaches, Lake Michigan might be the ideal honeymoon spot for an adventurous couple! By securing a luxury beach house rental on the coast of a Great Lake, newlyweds can mix their affinity for the open water with their passion for all things outdoors.
Some couples have trouble agreeing on beach rental properties because one person may wish to escape all forms of civilization, while his or her partner wants to feel connected to the rest of the world in some shape or form. Northern Michigan beach house properties present the best of both worlds, offering miles of secluded beaches and forests that are a short drive far from some popular tourist attractions. For example, the city of Muskegon is located on 26 miles of Lake Michigan waterfront and more than 11,000 acres of inland lakes that are perfect for boating and fishing. The city is also host to Michigan's Adventure Amusement Park, which can make for an exciting day trip.