Top 10 Things To Do In Newport Beach

If you're considering taking a trip to scenic Newport Beach during your next beach house rental vacation, you'll need to know all the hot spots with cool activities for you and your family to enjoy. Newport Beach is a classic little beach town with lots to do and see. Newport Beach is one of the most popular vacation destinations in Orange County, and with good reason! The sun-drenched beaches of Newport Beach are surrounded by exciting activities, and exclusive stores. But if you want to get the most out of your Newport Beach vacation, you'll need insider information from a local beach vacationer.
Want to be a Newport Beach insider, and love the beach like a local? Check out our 10 great tips for things to do during your next Newport Beach rental vacation!
  1. Take the ferry to Balboa Island! This charming community in the heart of Newport Harbor has boutique shops where you can buy the latest fashions, and fresh saltwater taffy!
  2. While you?re on the island, grab one of the famous Balboa Bars, ice cream bars dipped in a variety of toppings including oreo cookies and peanut brittle, or one of the frozen bananas that made Balboa famous!
  3. Go to the wedge, a local surf spot, just before a storm or during a swell and watch the pros surf. This local hangout features some of the largest and fiercest waves Southern California has to offer.
  4. If you?re looking for some beach time, drive down Highway 1 (Or the Pacific Coast Highway,) and go to Corona Del Mar. The beaches here are free if you park on the street, and you can walk to the Newport Channel. From the top of a bluff overlooking the channel you?ll get a great view of Newport Harbor and the Balboa Peninsula.
  5. While at the Corona Del Mar channel, walk south past the parking lot and the beach to Little Corona, where you?ll find tide pools teeming with ocean life!
  6. Rent a bike near the boardwalk, and explore the coast, from Balboa Pier, (with a Ruby?s Burger restaurant literally on the ocean,) all the way to 36th street, and back!
  7. Swim in the sun-drenched waters of the Pacific Ocean. Make sure to wait 30 mins after eating your delicious Balboa Bar!
  8. Rent a Duffy boat with 7 of your best friends and cruise Newport Bay, or rent canoes or kayaks, to explore the Back Bay, a peaceful inland delta, full of natural beauty.
  9. Rent a day boat at Davie?s Locker, (near Balboa Pavilion in the Newport Harbor,) and go ocean fishing, or cast your lines at the Newport or Balboa Pier. Visit the Dory Fishing Fleet Market, (before 10 AM Saturday and Sunday,) and buy fish pulled straight from the ocean. However you get your catch, it?s sure to be a taste sensation!
  10. Find a good spot on the beach for your umbrella and watch the sunset over Catalina Island. This is especially beautiful if there?s just been a rain storm!
Regular visitors to Newport Beach know how to pack their beach days full of fun and excitement. Hopefully with this short list you too can be a beach insider for Newport Beach!

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