Montserrat Beach Vacation Rentals

Montserrat is described as a lush green and mountainous island of approximately 39 square miles. It lies in the eastern Caribbean chain of islands, some 27 miles southwest of Antigua. The island of the Caribbean is a pear shaped island - 12 miles long and 7 miles wide. In fact, it is currently expanding due to the volcanic activity in the south of the island. On the terrain of the island there is a series of dramatic mountain slopes to the high point of over 3,000 feet at the Soufriere Hills in the Exclusion Zone. From these high points there are many islands of the Caribbean that can be seen, including Redonda, Nevis and St. Kitts in the West and North respectively, Guadeloupe to the South and Antigua to the Northeast.
Montserrat beach rentalsOne of the great features of Montserrat is that there is something on the island for every type of person. For example, Plymouth, which is the island's old capital, was the center for Montserrat's main shopping before the volcanic activity began. But due to the activity, Montserrat's shopping has been decentralized to provide many different places in which one can shop. There are many local items found near your Montserrat vacation rental that with a little exploration can lead to some great buys! Many of these items can be found at boutiques where they sell handicrafts, souvenirs, T-shirts, and toiletries. Some of the best local buys include fine souvenir items such as dolls, ceramics, tea towels and creative ornaments small enough to carry home with you!
One also has the option of flying to nearby St. Vincent located very close to your beach house rental. There one can take a historical tour of Kingstown, the capital. There is an old fort built in 1806 which is located in Kingstown. Later in the tour, a visitor will be able to experience the oldest botanical gardens in the western Hemisphere. These gardens were founded in 1765, and are great assets to the island. For the nature lovers, there are many mountains regions on the island that one can hike, such as the Vermont Nature Trail. On this trail, you can climb through the St. Vincent Parrot Rainforest reserve, climb La Soufriere, the volcano, and cruise through exotic coves and fishing villages dotted along the leeward coastline. After all of that exploring one cannot help but stop and watch the untouched beauty of the Falls of Baleine and Trinity Falls!