Jamaica Villa Rentals

Discover a land of beaches surrounded by palm trees and breathtaking blue mountains. Rather than a hotel, a Jamaican villa will help you relax and give you the privacy that many vacationers would like to have on this busy island. What more could you want when visiting the fun, beautiful island of Jamaica? It will be "no problem", a common Jamaican phrase, to have a good time on your vacation in Jamaica!
Worried about cooking when staying in a Jamaican villa? The food in Jamaica is something that one cannot pass up. just like the mix of people in Jamaica, it's a combination of the different cultural and ethnic backgrounds that makes the food so delicious. With so many choices and such great different tastes, there will be no need to worry about cooking! There is everything from Indian, Chinese, English, Spanish, African, to Taino influences in the cooking here and makes for some of the most deliciously unique dishes in the world.

Para Sailing in Jamaica Jamaica's average annual temperature is 80 degrees, which is a constant warm temperature whether one is at the beach or touring the island. The average yearly temperature range is between 78 and 85 degrees. You can also feel a fresh Jamaican sea breeze by day and a gentle breeze from the mountains by night. The high seasons in Jamaica are Winter and early Spring, which last from December 15 to April 14. This is the most popular time to visit Jamaica and the most expensive, requiring the greatest amount of pre-planning. Reservations should be made 2 or 3 months prior to your desired winter season visit. During the summer season, temperatures are only a couple of degrees warmer than in the winter. Usually brief showers are followed by sunshine. How could one pass up the opportunity to vacation in such great weather?
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