Big Umbrella Or Beach House

Growing up in Florida, the beach was the most popular destination for our family. We would have many beach days, with Hollywood Beach as our #1 destination. Just slightly south of Fort Lauderdale (the big city) and more north of Miami (even bigger city), it was just right. In Hollywood Beach there is less traffic and congestion, also a great beach that is clean and family safe. We would load up the family car with a huge folding umbrella, many folding beach chairs, a portable barbecue and coolers big enough that it took two people to carry.South Florida beach vacation rentals
Our family day at the beach was more of an expedition than a total day of relaxation. After several trips back and forth from the parking lot, carrying all of our stuff, it was time to set up the fortress, our family umbrella. lets get an illustrative picture here Summertime in South Florida is hot and a big umbrella provides much needed shade to a family with children. However, even the sturdiest umbrella was no match for the strong coastal trade winds. So we always had to dig a big hole in the sand to stop the family fortress from blowing away. One time after we had set up our fortress, and were starting to relax and nap while listening to the sounds of the waves slapping the shore. One wave every 4 seconds, every 3 seconds ahhh very relaxed... Then suddenly Thunk! The umbrella was pulled out of the hole by a strong gust of wind, flew in the air and landed on some people 30 yards down the beach. We can report no injuries.
Imagine our embarrassment and frustration, doing all that hard work and our umbrella flies away! All of that could have been avoided if we had rented a place on the beach. Need some shade? Step inside to your beach rental and ditch the big folding umbrella "fortress". If you want something cold to drink, just step inside, and leave that heavy ice cooler at home! You can grill a burger without leaving your patio, and then take a dip in the ocean when you're done. A beach house vacation rental usually is just steps away from the beach, if not directly on the sand. No need to feed the parking meter or to even find parking. It's the best bet for families to save money for a short getaway or that a well deserved vacation. A one or two bed hotel room by the beach typically is more expensive than a 2 or 3 bedroom beach house rental and usually doesn't have a kitchen or place you can barbecue.

So if you are a South Florida local and enjoy your "beach days", keep your umbrella at home and rent a beach house in Hollywood Beach today. Vacation beach house rentalCheck back to this page often as we will be offering more listings and special deals. See the staff Pick of the Month above this Travelogue article

Whether you?re in South Florida, or up on the coast of Oregon, now is the perfect time to rent a beach house in the US or worldwide! Bring the beach home this summer!