Florida Waterfront Homes - Still Beachfront Beauties

The Florida Coast is widely known for its oceanfront vacation homes, but few are located directly on the beach due to the infamous seasonal hurricanes. This may come as a surprise to those who have never visited the state because its popularity greatly contrasts the high vacationer demands for beach properties to be located directly on the sand. However, several of these rentals have actually been built on waterways within walking distance from the shore. This style of construction and design was originally conceived as a safe way of dealing with the historically unpopular weather. Over time, these waterfront homes, with their small docks and added privacy, have come to be exactly what many vacationers prefer to rent out.
Many waterfront homes are located on what's known as the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW), which runs throughout most of the country's Atlantic and Gulf Coasts. Originally built as a better, safer means of transportation, the body of water flows right through some of the best beach cities in all of Florida, such as Daytona Beach, Vero Beach, and West Palm Beach, just to name a few. On the opposite side of the Sunshine State, many water inlets with barrier islands provide Florida's West Coast with similar characteristic waterways, rather than one large path that runs through a greater part of the country. The combination of natural and man-made channels has come to serve a similar purpose, both in terms of transportation, and more importantly, hurricane safety. Over time homeowners who had built their homes along these canals found that the scenic surroundings and the advantage of having a minor, yet useful distance between the foundations of these beach homes and the ocean has attracted many visitors who were interested in staying at these properties. The extra distance from the ocean gives homeowners and renters alike the comfort of knowing that there exists a partial barrier against disastrous weather during Hurricane Season, while giving people a secondary access to water with a beautiful view.
For many hardworking people, vacations are really an annual, one week event. It's easy to get caught up in finding the absolute perfect spot for making memories. On that list of exceptional qualities for the perfect beach home vacationers become fixated on acquiring during their one week away from the office, a frequent requirement is for their beach home to be directly on the beach. However, there is a value in focusing on alternative locations that can give you both the experience you're looking for, while simultaneously providing you with an additional advantage to enjoy something entirely different and new. The waterway backyards often come with a dock and a small fishing boat that can be taken up and down the canal, which is also the perfect place to take a dip! In some cases, vacationers even find themselves spending more time in their "waterfront yards" than the busier, more populated shoreline. The short distance from the beach provides anyone staying in these homes with the best of both worlds, making it little wonder that this unusual safety feature is now generally considered to be these Florida properties greatest attraction.