Florida Mangroves 101

When taking a trip down to Florida, it's not unusual for vacationers to see beach houses near mangroves, otherwise known as a mangrove forest. Many people think of these areas as swamps, but the reality is that these strange bushes, with their long roots that lift up out of the ground and their tendency to cluster in bunches along salty shorelines, are part of a unique ecosystem only present in certain parts of the world. These strange trees, though famous for their particular form, are not common by any means. They only exist in one spot in all of the continental United States - the Florida peninsula. And because they are such a rarity, they can help provide visitors with an experience not soon to be forgotten!
Mangroves culminate in salty marshes along the Florida coastline. And because of their reputation to grow in these swampy areas, beach homes found near them don't usually get many prospective vacationers excited. However, there are many interesting (and friendly) animals that live in mangrove forests. Several different species of birds and fish populate both the trees and the water, making it a great place to explore the wildlife. You will often find Florida manatees, blue crabs, brown pelicans, and green sea turtles. An array of plants located around these areas such as black needle rushes can be found as well. Another interesting factor many people don?t consider is that there are often attractions set up around these overgrown, tropical shrubs. It has become common to kayak through the forests and around the giant roots of the trees, which give the effect of moving through a giant maze you can paddle through in order to get more in touch with nature and observe the dozens of regional animals you only found within these regions.
Aerial view of Florida If your beach rental is located by a Mangrove, it is very likely that the many regulations created to help protect the environment have greatly restricted construction of highways and any sort of building or factory that may interfere with the region?s wildlife. This provides vacationers who have rented properties in these zones with the extra advantage of not having to deal with excessive noise caused by overpopulation or traffic. Anyone who has ever rented a property located on the beach knows just how loud the areas can be because they are many people?s first choice come vacation time. However, by sticking to cities such as Sanibel and others near the Everglades, you can definitely get the best of both worlds by both enjoying your beach house rental?s close proximity to the shoreline and the less noisy, exotic mangroves that exist in only one location in the country.