Florida Forgotten Coast Vacation Rentals

Florida's Forgotten Coast, once named for its largely quiet and undeveloped coastal area, has now become a frequently sought travel spot for those hoping to enjoy a quieter and more relaxed vacationing experience. Over time, the region has remained unspoiled as the residents have become keen to keep the area looking natural. Visitors who book a vacation rental in Florida's Forgotten Coast are free to explore the fine, white-sand beaches the Florida coastline has become famous for without worrying about the heavy crowds that come with more popular beach towns.Florida beach vacation rentals

Here Are Our Recommended Vacation Destinations in the Area:

  • St. George Island - One of the more prominent places on the Forgotten Coast, St. George Island is divided into three sections: The State Park; a strip of restaurants, shops, and beach homes; and a more exclusive, private living area. Spend some time visiting the coastline in the morning, window shopping in the afternoon, and finishing off your day with an evening meal at a nice restaurant when you book a St. George Island rental!
  • Port St. Joe - When you book a rental in Port St. Joe, you can spend some time in the St. Joseph Peninsula State park, charter a boat into the water, or go on a guided tour of the ocean. Seahorse Water Safaris are a great way to learn more about the area surrounding you. The Constitution Convention Museum State Park is another great way to learn about the town's thriving wildlife.
  • Mexico Beach - Book a Mexico Beach vacation and get ready to see the Vamar Shipwreck Site! The Vamar is an English shipwreck boat built around 1919 that sank less than four miles from the Coast of Florida. The circumstances behind the sinking of the ship remain a mystery, making it appealing for the visitors in the area who curiously gather around the site for a guided tour when they're not busy enjoying the beautiful beaches and emerald waters.
Because the Forgotten Coast's appeal lies mainly in the region's exclusivity, the beaches remain as beautiful and untouched as you would imagine any tropical paradise to be! Don't forget to book your Forgotten Coast vacation as you book your Florida rental today through BeachHouse.com!

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