Beach House Rentals In Dana Point

Dana Point, and more importantly renting a beach house to go on vacation there, has been on the bucket list for these friends for a while. Joe Beach and Jane Sands toast to the first day at their beach house vacation rental and finally making it to Dana Point, California. Jane's family has visited Dana Point in the past, but since she was in college at the time, she couldn't make the trip. Joe rarely gets to go to the beach and is so excited he forgot his swim trunks. Jane had no idea that it was so easy for Joe to find and rent their beach house with just a few clicks. Joe just might be chased into the ocean, clothes and all, by Jane unless he tells her how he found it.

There's plenty to do in Dana Point during your beach vacation. You can rent jet skis and explore Dana Point harbor, or relax on the scenic Doheny Beach! Learn more here.
If you're looking for something else to do in Dana Point, consider riding your bike up to San Clemente! This gorgeous beach town has much to offer in way of attractions and restaurants to enjoy.