Barbados Villa Rentals

Summer vacations were meant to be spent in the Caribbean, and Barbados is one of the best destinations to do so! This region hosts a wealth of great beach towns and seaside cities that are just waiting to be explored. The Island paradise of Barbados in the Lesser Antilles is a great spot for a beach house vacation rental. From your villa in Barbados you and your family can explore the coves of Reeds Bay, and Paynes Bay, or visit the world-class resort community of Royal Westmoreland.
Reeds Bay and Paynes Bay are two of the finest destinations for swimming and relaxation during your beach house vacation in Barbados. Reeds BayBarbados is one of the best places for beach rentals is a small beach community near Mullins Bay on the east side of the island. With placid shores and beautiful, emerald water, Reeds Bay is a classic destination for beachgoers, with many lovely villas located nearby. Saint Peter, about 7 miles south, is known to Barbadans as a haven for swimmers. Clear blue and warm Caribbean waters wash on clean, white beaches at Saint Peter Bay, which you and your family can enjoy if you rent a villa near Saint Peter Bay. If you really want a super-special beach vacation in the Bahamas, look no further than Royal Westmoreland, a world-class resort in the parish of st James on the west coast of Barbados. Royal Westmoreland an exclusive five-star golf, beach and spa resort with luxury villas and bespoke service. Each villa in Royal Westmoreland has a private pool and maid service, with a private chef available on demand. Live like the 1% at Royal Westmoreland.
As one of the smaller island nations in the region, travelers will never be far from the beach during their stay in Barbados ? and that's precisely where they'll want to be as the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean are the best way to escape the heat of the summer sun. Other amenities in the area include golf courses, hiking trails, and submarine tours that will allow families with a beach house vacation rental to explore the depths surrounding Barbados.