Barbados Beach House Vacation Rentals

Summer vacations were meant to be spent in the Caribbean, and though larger destinations like Jamaica and the Bahamas may get all of the attention, the region hosts a wealth of great beach towns and seaside cities that are just waiting to be explored. One country that may not be on many travelers' radars is Barbados. This island paradise in the Lesser Antilles is a great spot for a beach house vacation rental, particularly on immaculate coastlines like Queen's Fort.

Caribbean beach house vacation rentals
Located just 45 minutes from the airport, Queen's Fort is a charming area rich with amenities that are sure to excite vacationers of all ages.
As one of the smaller island nations in the region, travelers will never be far from the beach during their stay in Barbados--and that's precisely where they'll want to be as the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean are the best way to escape the heat of the summer sun. There are several beaches near Queen';s Fort and as the region is yet to be discovered by the masses, the crowds are typically quite manageable. Other amenities in the area include golf courses, hiking trails and submarine tours that will allow families with a beach house vacation rental to explore the depths surrounding Barbados.