Discover private homes, condos, cottages and villas for rent on the island of Saba. Oceanview homes with private pools. The best Caribbean destination for families. Book direct at the lowest prices (no service fees!). Fun things to do: Rainforest mountain hiking, scuba diving, and bird watching.  (See more beach info here!)

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Saba - Beach Information - Fun Things to Do - Tips

Discover private homes, condos, cottages and villas for rent on the island of Saba. Oceanview homes with private pools. The best Caribbean destination for families. Book direct at the lowest prices (no service fees!). Fun things to do: Rainforest mountain hiking, scuba diving, and bird watching.
Saba Island overview Saba is an surprising place ... an oasis ... located in the Northern Caribbean Sea with an easy 12 minute flight from St. Maarten and is only 5 square miles large (13 square kilometers). Two ferries also sail from St. Maarten in about 90 minutes, three times a week.

The island of Saba rises majestically from her clear azure waters, stretching her summit to caress the clouds... She is like no other Caribbean destination. Untouched by the quickening pace of the modern world, an island caught in a moment. The old Caribbean; safe, friendly and charming with exquisite natural beauty both above and below her waterline. The best way to describe this unique island with only 1400 permanent inhabitants is to list the "have nots". Saba has no crime, no high rises, no traffic or traffic lights, no pesty insects, no crowds, no fast food restaurants, no casinos, no cruise ships. Oh, and we almost forgot, no beaches because it is a (dormant) volcano.

Saba Mountain Rainforest HikingSaba is known as "The Unspoiled Queen of the Caribbean". Small eclectic bars and restaurants. Go hiking on a mountain rainforest trail, scuba dive at a world-acclaimed dive site or just laze by the pool with a good book, as you take in the majestic views of the ocean that are available from almost every property on the island.

Fall into the relaxing, slow pace of island life. Experience what it's like to be "on island time". The people of Saba will treat you kindly with a warm welcome. Wander through the charming small villages. See idyllic gingerbread houses, all with green trim and red roofs, and well-kept gardens. Notice the pride that the people of Saba take in caring for their homes. WEATHER: Summer temps push into the high 80sF (31C) while winter temps fall into the high 60sF (20C).

Saba Private Villa with Pool If you've been yearning for a different kind of vacation, then escape to Saba. There are many types of accommodations, ranging from hotels, quaint lodges, private villas and cottages. Everyone speaks English, although Dutch is the official language.

Saba Summer Festival is usually the last week in July, depending on the weekend it can run into the 1st days of August. The festival features great music, great food, colourful parades and the friendliest of atmospheres!

Saba Tyler Tidwell Scuba Diving Scuba Diving "Saba is one of our family's favorite places to dive"... Wren Tidwell, Owner of (300+ dives, since 1989)
Saba's volcanic origins have blessed her waters with spectacular formations and structural diversity. Enjoy year-round diving with seasonal differences in water temperature and surface conditions. Winter months bring cooler water temperatures ranging from 77-80F (25C-27C), whereas summer months yield a toasty 80-85F (27-29C). The Saba Marine Park boasts more than 30 permanently moored dive sites. From shallow patch reefs to deepwater seamounts, Saba offers interesting diving at each depth and for every diver's experience level. VISIBILITY: 70 to 100 feet, with occasional 150 occurrences. You will see a variety of fish, hard corals, sponges, turtles, possibly a seahorse, and mostly likely a visit from their friendly resident nurse shark, Gorbachev, who will give you a personal tour. On night dives, he will follow your flashlight like he's on a leash.

Saba Outdoor Dining Tidwell Family 2017 Restaurants and Night Life Each village has several small and individually unique restaurants. Most of them offer outdoor dining as well as a friendly bar. You'll want to sample them all though, because there is a wide variety to choose from, American, European, Chinese, Italian, and that delicious blend of Indonesian and West Indian Creole. Each restaurant becomes a gathering place for conversation anytime, day or night. Weekends will always find an "island-wide party", that means everyone is invited. It may also be disco music, steel band drums at poolside, or a barbeque at the bay under the stars.

Culture and History Because of Saba's precipitous terrain, settling was difficult and left for the hardy and the adventurous. Having been under English, French, Spanish and Dutch rule for many years, peace came with the Dutch Crown in 1816. The cultures of the variety of settlers are now uniquely blended into a hard-working people. Their history of farming, fishing and seamanship account for their keen knowledge of their nature. Many locals are well travelled and well educated; conversations are easy and interesting. The Saba museums house many artifacts and photographs which tell the stories of settling this remote island with its dramatic landscape.

Saba Houses & Village Shopping Enter into any of the shops within the villages and you'll be invited into conversation. You'll find beautiful, delicate linen items with hand-drawn threadwork designs. Artists find Saba a perfect inspiration for their work. Many watercolours, photographs, jewelry and books are displayed in Saba art gallery.

While in Windwardside, ask your driver to drop you off at the Windwardside parking lot. Then stroll the main drag through Windwardside's mini-mall. Its here you'll find take-home souvenirs, tasty boutiques, dive shops, the tourist office, an art gallery, several restaurant/bars, a supermarket and a bank. Just a turn will take you to the post office as well as a dive shop-hotel-restaurant-bar. The Mini Mall is where you'll pick up charming remembrances of the beauty of Saba. The Breadline Plaza, you'll find an optician, bakery, clothes shop, Bar/Restaurant, Rental car and Communications Service.

Your island adventure awaits.
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