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Casa Tropical Oasis - Custom Modern Beachside Casa with Private...

Vacation Rental Beach House in Playa Hermosa

5   4.5   Sleeps: 11    Pool: Yes Private Pool   Pets: No

Nightly Rate: $550-$783

   Minimum Stay: 3-7 nights

Fabulously decorated oceanside oasis in the great beachfront gated community of Hermosa Palms. The house i...

Ultra Luxury Villa 6 bedroom Villa - Private Pool on the...

Vacation Rental Beach House in Playa Hermosa

6   5.5   Sleeps: 12    Pool: No    Pets: No

Nightly Rate: $900-$1,700

   Minimum Stay: 3-7 nights

Live it up in this all inclusive deluxe ocean view home just off the beach (only an empty lot between you a...

Playa Hermosa - Beach Information - Fun Things to Do - Tips

Playa Hermosa, which stretches along the country's Pacific coast, sits quietly between two mountains, and is renowned for it's gentle surf and as a favorite for those looking to avoid the crowds, despite being only 20 minutes from Daniel Oduber Quiros International Airport. Do not make the mistake of confusing Playa Hermosa's quiet and sparsely populated status with a want for amenities or activity. There is an abundance of food, shopping, bars, and other activities. Along the water, there are opportunities for World-class sport fishing, exploring the beach by snorkeling, or even taking in the equally diverse and captivating underwater world of Costa Rica scuba diving.
Playa Hermosa Beach One could also take in the scenery while horseback riding, the picture-perfect image of beauty on the beach. Or go even higher and take a helicopter ride over the jungles, volcanoes, and mountains and see it from a bird's-eye view. Further inland, there are three close-by national parks: Rincon de la Vieja National Park, Santa Rosa National Park, Palo Verde National Park, all with an irreplaceable offering of natural beauty and diverse wildlife. If you're still thirsting for more, monkey tours, massages, jetpack joyrides and ziplines are all at your fingertips at Playa Hermosa.
Costa Rica's wealth of marine life means top notch seafood- they know what they're doing. In Playa Hermosa, you can explore a wide range of delectable eateries. La Casita de Mariscos, the little house of seafood, is the go-to for authentic Costa Rican seafood on the coast. playa hermosa For a view that will leave you breathless and food that will leave you speechless, visit Abbocato, an ocean front restaurant that offers Costa Rican cuisine with an Italian flair. El Velero Restaurant is a genuine Costa Rican experience, and one of the local favorites.
The weather in Costa Rica is, of course, remarkably predictable. Its coldest month is March, (as the seasons begin to flip south of the equator) when temps range from 65-78 F. It's hottest month is July, when the temperature ranges from 71-85 F. Although it's approximation to the equator means you should be ever wary of foregoing to sunscreen, the weather will seldom keep you inside, barring those rainy days that feed the remarkable rainforests within the country.
Costa Rica, whose name literally means, the "rich coast", is a truly unique country, nestled in the always-tropical southern tip of Central America. The beauty of Costa Rica is in a class of its own. With a total of 912 miles of coastline, spread amongst the Caribbean to the east and the mighty pacific to the west, it comes as no surprise that Costa Rica touts a litany of both divine beaches and beachfront property.
Costa Rica's diversity extends beyond its oceans, however. If you're a fan of natural beauty, Costa Rica will never disappoint you. The geography ranges from mountains to volcanoes, lakes, rivers, and jungles boasting the greatest species density in the world (Yes, more than the Amazon).
Remember, the sea level is rising. There's no time to waste. Rent a beach house today on Playa Hermosa, the beautiful beach.
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